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Today's posts

3 min read – UX

Dark patterns, dark times

Dark patterns are everywhere. Probably you have been the victim of a dark pattern without even knowing about it. So what are they, and what can we do about them?

2 min read – React

Home-baked Hooks

About a year ago, Sophie Alpert and Dan Abramov presented one of the most exciting new features in React: Hooks. Release 16.8 introduced several alternatives that can be used directly (e.g. useState, useEffect and some others), but also provided the possibility to create your very own hooks – Custom Hooks.

2 min read – CSS

CSS Christmas card - Part 2: But can you use this?

13 min listen – Innovation

En spøkelseshistorie fra fortiden. Var det verre før?

Fossefall. Kravspec. Use Case. Systemtest. Overleveringer. Hvordan var det å jobbe i den hverdagen?

3 min read – The Cloud

Building a dashboard with Google BigQuery and DataStudio (1/2)

Dashboards and information screens are becoming increasingly common for monitoring and displaying important, relevant information at a glance. Over the following two blog posts, we will look at how I, without much programming skills, was able to build such a dashboard in the cloud using Google’s BigQuery and DataStudio tools.

6 min read – Kotlin

Disecting the very important details of coroutines

3 min read – JavaScript

JavaScript resources you need to know about

In this article, I will present to you some resources which can be useful to know about if you want to learn JavaScript, or in general, want to learn more about the language.

4 min read – Open Source

From Node.js to io.js and back again...

This is the story of how we built the Node.js foundation.

4 min read – Security

Get your client side reports together!

Reporting API. That sounds really cool! Or really boring you say? This is one of the W3C-drafts that may not have gotten the attention it deserves so let's take a look!

4 min read – Java

Good ol’ I/O streams

No, not the Stream API introduced in Java 8, but the API for stream-based I/O which has been part of the JDK since Java 1.0. That is even older than the Collections Framework, which you had to wait until Java 1.2 to be available. And as with the Java Collections, even though the API is quite dated, it is still heavily in use. InputStreams and OutputStreams are passed around, and consumed and written to, also in applications which are written nowadays.

3 min read – Machine Learning

Dimensionality reduction using Principal Component Analysis

High dimensional data can be a pain sometimes, at least when it comes to visualization and exploration. Today we will introduce one common technique that can potentially ease the pain a bit.

10 min read – Functional

Functional Generative Art Using ClojureScript

This post explores how you can create your own generative art in the web browser using functional programming in the ClojureScript programming language.