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9 min read – Machine Learning

Uncertainty in Machine Learning

Some things in life are certain - for instance, we tend to take for granted that the sun will rise every day. Similarly, everyone knows that each Christmas, Canadian-Italian singer-songwriter Michael Bublé will emerge from his secret hideaway and top Christmas playlists yet again.

5 min read – UX

Bygg bedre produkter ved hjelp av Nuggets!

Har du noen gang gjort noe bare fordi andre gjorde det? Trent mer og spist sunnere i januar? Eller kanskje til og med blitt værende i et forhold du visste burde vært slutt? Da er du ikke alene. Men hvorfor gjør vi egentlig disse tingene? Og hvordan kan vi bruke kunnskap om adferd i designprosessen? Roxy og Gerome i Coglode lager Nuggets for å hjelpe oss med dette.

2 min read – Security

Reverse tabnabbing

In a phishing attack the attacker will try to steal user data, e.g. login credentials. Reverse tabnabbing is a phishing method, and here we will try to explain what it is and how it can be prevented.

2 min read – Java

Persistent job scheduling without Quartz

Have you ever had the need for scheduling background tasks but always wanted a more lightweight alternative to Quartz Scheduler?

7 min read – Open Source

Interview with Mikael Brevik

Today's interview is with @mikaelbrevik. Mikael is an Open source maintainer, the organizer of @_bartjs , host of the podcast @kortslutningpod, video-blog @kodesnutt and works at @variant_as.

5 min read – Functional

Tail recursion

Tail recursion is a special way of writing recursive functions such that a compiler can optimize the recursion away and implement the algorithm as a loop instead. This is not because loops are inherently faster, but because every function call generally incurs the cost of a new stack frame in which it executes, sometimes leading to the dreaded stack overflow - where the beloved site of the same name, gets its name. Let's investigate how this works.

4 min read – CSS

CSS Christmas card - Part 1: Cutting corners

5 min read – The Cloud

Host a website in Azure with a custom domain + SSL for free

Have you ever wanted to host a low traffic website in Azure, but required features like SSL and a custom domain? Were you disappointed when you found out that these features are only supported in the B1 App Service Plan for a whooping 50$ a month? With some simple changes and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) you can have it all for FREE!

3 min read – Kotlin

Coroutines intro

10 min listen – Innovation

Må alt være så sinnsykt perfekt?

Man må jo få ting ut tidlig i produktutviklingen, men hvorfor vil teamet lage alt så mye bedre enn godt nok? Hva er godt nok i produktutviklingen?

3 min read – React

Fancy charts with Victory

Say you want to add a nice chart or other form of data visualization to your React app, but don't have the slightest idea of where to start. Do you write it from scratch, or do you utilize one of the many charting libraries out there? You might begin by researching d3 since it's one of the most popular data viz libraries for javascript, but you quickly get overwhelmed by the myriads of customization options and the steep learning curve. You probably don't even need all the bells and whistles that come included with it. My advice? Take a look at one of the slickest and most enjoyable charting libraries you're likely to come across this christmas - Victory.

3 min read – JavaScript

Vanilla SPA

Let us look at what it takes to create our own SPA