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4 min read – The Cloud

Building a dashboard with Google BigQuery and DataStudio (2/2)

Dashboards and information screens are becoming increasingly common for monitoring and displaying important, relevant information at a glance. This blog post is part two of a short series where we look at how I, without much programming skills, was able to build such a dashboard in the cloud using Google’s BigQuery and DataStudio tools.

4 min read – Kotlin

Coroutines channels🔥 and flow❄️

2 min read – CSS

CSS Christmas card - Part 3: Shaking it up

3 min read – Machine Learning

A history of beer, statistics and pseudonyms

When it comes down to it, machine learning is, as probably all of you know – statistics on steroids. That’s why todays post is dedicated to one of the fundamental tests we often use in statistics and we perhaps should use even more often.

4 min read – React

5 things I have learned in my first months as a React Native developer

Hi, my name is Marte and I decided five montsh ago that I wanted to pursue a career within front-end development to get closer to the products and users. At that point in time I was working with strategy and business development, which I also studied for six years. The journey that has led me from being a management consultant to a developer has been filled with confusion, feeling of achievement, stupid questions, not so stupid questions, bad code and good code. And it is true what they say; the learning curve is steep! I will take you through some of the learnings I have encountered during my first months as a developer.

2 min read – Java

Use your time wisely! Run tests in parallel

Have you ever been annoyed that your tests take an incredibly long time? I have. A simple trick can save time by running (almost) all your tests in parallel.

7 min listen – Innovation

Er det utfordrende å jobbe i tverrfaglige team?

Fra Excel-magiker og PowerPoint-akrobat til vaskeekte utvikler, hvordan er det å gå fra forretningsutvikler til utviker? Er tverrfaglighet vanskelig når man skal utvikle produkter? Vi prater om hva som er viktig for å oppnå velfungerende, tverrfaglig team med perspektiver både fra forretnings- og systemutvikleren. Sondre H. Graver, Marte Gleditsch og Snorre Gryte tar praten over en kaffe.

3 min read – Security

Bulletproof hosting

When hearing about security breaches and typically cybercrime, one is sometimes left wondering, where are these servers hosted and why can't they be stopped?

4 min read – UX

Tips & Tricks for Better UX in Voice Interfaces

3 min read – JavaScript

The Adaptive Web Developer

Modern frameworks are easy to learn. From zero web experience, they help you get productive in a matter of weeks. But for me, the web remained a mystery until I taught myself the very basics.

2 min read – Open Source

Interview with Maxim Salnikov

Today's interview is with @webmaxru. Maxim works at @MicrosoftNorge in Developer Relations and is active in the Progressive Web App (#PWA) scene. He also organizes @ngVikingsConf & @mobileeraconf confs, @AngularOslo & @MobileOslo meetups, and is a @GoogleDevExpert.

4 min read – Functional

Kleisli composition and other fishy operators

In this article I would like to introduce you to two common composition operators and explain some of their utility, using first a made up example, and then an example from the real world. These operators are all about composing functions of slightly weird types. For while regular function composition combines functions of types a -> b and b -> c, these guys concern themselves with combining functions of types which don't naturally fit perfectly together.