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8 min read – Functional

Functional TypeScript With fp-ts

I have a confession to make. I actually enjoy JavaScript.

2 min read – Talks

The Takahashi-method

5 min read – Kotlin

MockK Library

MockK is a mocking library for Kotlin, written in Kotlin. Because of this, it has extensive support for Kotlin language features such as extension functions and companion objects.

5 min read – Strategy

Hvorfor starter folk egentlig flyselskaper?

"If you want to be a millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline" – Richard Branson Fra Richard Branson, Bjørn Kjos til Erik Braathen – gründere og kapitalsterke investorer har gjennom tidene tatt den store utfordringen det er å etablere et flyselskap, til tross for at det er en bransje med lav lønnsomhet og høy risiko. Hvorfor starter folk egentlig flyselskaper?

11 min read – React

Creating a Chrome Extension with React and TypeScript

Did you know most Chrome extensions are written in good ol' JavaScript? Turns out, creating one with React is pretty straight forward, too! Let's look at how you can use your existing JavaScript skills to spread some holiday cheer!

4 min read – The Cloud

Edge Computing with Kubernetes

I first heard about using Kubernetes for Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing less than a year ago. I was pretty new to Kubernetes, and didn't know a lot about IoT. So it seemed like a big pile of buzzwords. And even if it seems like a lot of buzzwords to you, you should still consider Kubernetes when deciding how to manage your IoT and edge applications. In this article I will discuss some of the features and frameworks that are especially important when running Kubernetes on the edge.

12 min read – UX

Litt av hvert fra 2020

Jeg dristet meg til å sende ut et skjema for å ta en liten jule-temp på avdelingen. Det førte til denne luken som deler erfaring fra til sammen 6560 dager(49200 timer) med designere på hjemmekontor. Det er mye hjemmekontor det, på godt og vondt. Her handler det mest om det som var godt! Obs! Dette er en luke laget for å skrolle seg gjennom og kose seg med hva folk har delt. Så ikke hegn deg opp i at det står mange minutter!

2 min read – Elm

Operators are functions, too

Much of Elm's power stems from the fact that most things are just functions. So how do operators fit in?

3 min read – JavaScript

Smooth Operators

Provided I didn't miscount (I am not the Count von Count, so it's quite possible), there are 46 operators in JavaScript which are available in all modern web browsers. Many of them are inevitable (e.g. arithmetical and logical operators), while others are more uncommon. But the list doesn't end there and the family of operators is still growing. Let's have a brief look at the latest additions, and new operators which are just around the corner!

6 min read – Security

Ransomware – How to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals

Ransomware is extremely costly and difficult to get rid of, and once your files are encrypted you may have lost that data permanently. Giving in to the ransom demand is expensive, gives no guarantee that your data will be restored, and only encourages cybercriminals to keep attacking and extorting money from individuals and companies alike. Clearly, the best way to deal with the increased rise in ransomware attacks is to implement solid preventative measures to avoid getting infected in the first place. And, if the worst should happen and all your files do get encrypted, to have alternative ways of restoring your data.

18 min listen – Innovation

Hva er en inkubator?