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Today's posts

5 min read – JavaScript

The delicious Event Loop

Have you ever wondered what the amazing Christmas dinner and the Event Loop in JavaScript have in common? Well, not much. But I will use the preparation of this delicious meal to make the event loop a bit more edible.

3 min read – Security

Spy back on the apps spying on you

Social media applications spy on you, and probably send home some data about you every second you use the app. But what about the applications that have another business model? Do you trust that your bus pass app, developed by your the municipality, or your smart vacuum cleaner is not sending your data back to the developers? Often, we have no idea, and until recently iOS-users had no good way of inspecting the traffic that was sent from their devices.

3 min read – Elm

What do we do with what's inside the box?

Elm doesn't have nulls or undefineds, it has a Maybe type. While it's a pleasent type to work with, it might take some getting used to if you're coming from a language like Java or Python. Let's take a look at how we perform some basic operations over the Maybe type.

4 min read – React

A Hot Chocolate Map with React Leaflet and TypeScript

For the last decade I've called Oslo my home. And aside from the usual goals of getting an education, landing a job and living my life, I've had a side quest: Finding the best places for hot chocolate in town.

6 min read – The Cloud

Take Argo CD for a spin with K3s and k3d

The container paradigm is upon us, and some love hacking and writing code for Kubernetes - while others struggle, finding maintaining or releasing for it difficult. How do you even test a Kubernetes deployment on your own computer anyway? In this post we will have a look at how the stripped-down Kubernetes variant K3s can be used to take the new hot container continuous delivery tool Argo CD for a spin on your own laptop or personal server - without much of the complexity Kubernetes requires.

2 min read – Kotlin

Operator Overloading

Have you ever tried to use the compare operations on two instances of your self-made data class in Kotlin just to realize it is not possible? By employing operator overloading, you are actually able to do so!

1 min read – UX

Ting du har hørt i møter i år

En liten julegave til dere fra oss i faggruppa Tegning, form og animasjon. Vi har på hvert vårt hjemmekontor visualisert noen fraser, uttrykk og ting dere har hørt i møter i år. God jul 🎅

4 min read – Functional

Handling asynchronous data in TypeScript

When making web applications most times you fetch stuff from some remote location, and usually with XHR. These operations are asynchronous and can fail for a myriad of reasons. Handling them well is important to make sure the users of your applications have a good time.

7 min read – Strategy

Hvorfor kan aldri penger sove?

2 min read – Talks

GROW your presentations

Presentations can be a powerful tool for setting common goals and encouraging action, much in the same way a coach will create a better team.

17 min listen – Innovation

Hva gjør en inkubator for at innovasjon skal lykkes?