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1 min read – Strategy

Kan endringsmotstand være en ressurs?

2 min read – Kotlin

Spek Framework

Most of us use JUnit as our go-to testing framework, often without really considering the alternatives. Are you ready to try something new? Why not give Spek Framework a shot?

7 min read – Security

Ransomware - a Devastating Form of Digital Extortion

We live in a digital era where the most precious commodity no longer is oil or gold, but data. But what if this data, including personal files, customer lists and company data, flight traffic information, or even sensitive hospital records were stolen? What would you do, or pay, to get it back?

6 min read – Talks

Fear, loathing and uneasy love: how experimentation taught me to enjoy public speaking

5 min read – React

Back to basics - Setting up a minimal React project from scratch

It's so easy nowadays to get a web application up and running in just a couple of minutes. We've got tools like Create-react-app, React boilerplate, Slingshot etc., which let developers set up and prototype anything blazing fast. These tools come with Webpack, Babel and more already configured for you, so you don't have to know anything about them or what they are used for. This is obviously very valuable and cost-effective, but we also have to remember to keep in touch with our roots and get some sense of what is going on under the hood. So for today's topic we will be going back to the basics and see how we can set up most of what we need from scratch!

3 min read – Elm

Lord of the pipes

If the bulk of your programming experience comes from C-like languages, there’s a chance you find pipes, |>and <| some of the most distinct features of Elm. Roll up your sleeves, it's time to master the art of piping.

4 min read – JavaScript

Enhanced strings with tagged template literals

Have you ever wanted to add extra functionality to strings? With tagged template literals you can build useful templates, add logic, or write different languages inside strings. How can that be useful, and how does it even work? Dive into how tagged template literals let us build enhanced strings!

3 min read – The Cloud

Kubernetes Operators 101

Kubernetes has become the de facto container orchestrator since it's initial release in 2014. It is a great tool for managing diverse workloads in clusters of machines, possibly spanning multiple availability zones. As the usage grows, new requirements for how to deploy and operate specialized software emerges. The Operator pattern is one of the more prominent responses to these new requirements.

17 min listen – Innovation

How do you collaborate on innovation?

5 min read – UX

Inspirasjon: En date med et fabeldyr

6 min read – Functional

Types Without Borders Isn't Enough

Today we are excited to reveal the second article from our guest writer Dillon Kearns, known for projects such as elm-graphql, elm-typescript-interop, and the Elm Radio podcast! If you didn't catch the one from yesterday, be sure to check it out as well! We hope you enjoy!