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6 min read – UX, Methodology, Design

Hurts so Good

The complicated relationship between design and MVPs - and why it’s worth it ❤️

9 min read – App Development

Creating the same app using 4 different frameworks

This is the carol of how a co-worker and I created the same app using 4 different frameworks: Flutter, React Native, Xamarin Forms and SwiftUI. We did this to answer the age-old question: “Which mobile application framework is the best?” and to learn for ourselves the pros and cons of different approaches. We also polled a lot of colleagues on their experiences, including authors of some of Norway’s most used and important apps. Read on to learn our and Norway’s favorite mobile application framework!

12 min listen – Design

Trenger man egentlig designer og forretningsutvikler i produktteam?

Drypp er en lavterskel podcast fra Bekk.

5 min read – App Development, Development

Cross platform CLIs with Swift

Swift is mostly known as «that language people use to make iPhone apps». And while the two certainly are a good match, Swift is not really tied to the iPhone anymore. Let’s see how it performs as a language for making cross platform CLIs!

4 min read – Soft skills

De tre retoriske appellformene