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Today's posts

15 min listen – Strategy

Hvordan lykkes med smidig transformasjon?

Drypp er en lavterskel podcast fra Bekk.

6 min read – Security, Privacy

Key learnings from working on privacy in contact tracing

In today's post I'll share key lessons from my journey in implementing Anonymous Tokens and integrating it in Norway's contact tracing app "Smittestopp". Privacy and transparency, especially in government IT, is vital for gaining citizens' trust - and is here to stay. Therefore I'll share some success factors and my takeaways with you.

5 min read – React

Something about lock files

We've all been there: we created our first react project and was introduced to the lock file. Some took the time to understand it whereas others was scared of it and instinctively added it to the .gitignore file. This post will give a short description of the lock file, how we should treat it and use it correctly.

9 min read – Open Source

Recreating's frontpage with their own tools, the marketplace of possibilities, might be Norway's biggest sale platform. They also happen to publish a lot of the tools they create and use as open source tools, such as the feature toggle service Unleash. Let's try to recreate their own page with their tools! 🙌 Since wasn't built in a day, we will restrict ourselves to the frontpage. Also, to make the article readable in a sensible amount of time, I will not go through the entire architecture, but reading this tutorial should give you the necessary means to build it all yourself.