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3 min read – Functional

Using F# in Xamarin Apps

6 min read – The Cloud

Boundary and remote access based on trusted identity

I recently switched projects, and if you've ever started at or switched jobs to a mid- or large-size enterprise, you probably know the onboarding process can be both long and exhausting. Possibly sitting there weeks on end, without access to the services you need, and purely feeling like a bother because you have to ask one of your colleagues for help the 3027th time this week. Welp, I just shudder at the thought of it, and if you do too, I just might have the answer to all our boundary issues!

14 min listen – Innovation

Hvordan velger Vipps hvilken idé som skal lages?

9 min read – UX

This article emits 0.28g of CO2 every time it’s viewed...

...whereas this article only emits 0.27grams CO2 per page view. But oh this one… 1.56grams CO2 for each view 😬

2 min read – Elm

Inbound ports

What if your elm program needs to communicate with the JavaScript enclosing your application? Maybe you need some kind of messages flowing into the elm lifecycle and need to act on such events? To receive messages from JavaScript we can make use of inbound ports🌈

4 min read – React

/** Make the nice list with JSDoc */

Documenting stuff is important, folks! Where would Santa be without his naughty and nice list? Let's spend a few minutes learning how you can improve the user experience of your components by adding a slash and a couple of stars in front of it!

4 min read – Security

Privacy Pass: Anonymous Tokens on the Web

We discussed elliptic curves earlier this month. Today, we look at how to use those to make the internet a bit more user friendly.

3 min read – Kotlin

Functional Interfaces

Functional interfaces was introduced in Kotlin 1.4 and is a way of giving lambdas proper types which can make our code more readable and make the intent clearer.

5 min read – JavaScript

The new Operator

You probably came here to read about something cutting edge in JavaScript, but today we’re going to do a deep dive into one of the fundamental operators of JavaScript, new.

10 min read – Strategy

Kan gode kundeopplevelser true lønnsomheten din?

Det er 2009. Du jobber som markedsdirektør i den amerikanske dagligvaregiganten Walmart, og er særs godt fornøyd. Det strategiske prosjektet ditt har endelig blitt realisert. Butikkene har aldri sett bedre ut. De rotete pallene med billige varer midt i butikken har blitt erstattet med oversiktlige hyller som bugner av tiltalende produkter. KTI-tallene har skutt i været, kundene har aldri vært mer fornøyde.

2 min read – Talks

Visualization to cope with stage fright (part 2)

In this previous post I wrote about how I came across a few visualization techniques to manage my own fear. Today I am going to share the next one. I call it The Charlie Chaplin movie.