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5 min read – Elm

Remote Data

17 min listen – Innovation

Hva gjør Head of Product Engineering i Vipps?

2 min read – Kotlin

It's (Christmas) Time for Kotlin

7 min read – Functional

Haskell - A layman's deep-dive in monoids

This article will introduce an important and interesting concept in functional programming: Monoids. The focus will be on monoids in Haskell.

3 min read – JavaScript

Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Card

I work on the internal applications in Bekk, including a front page that shows key information about employees and the company. One of the sections shows upcoming birthdays, so you can congratulate your colleagues on their big day. But something was missing. You know, that little extra that tends to light up people’s faces. How about some confetti bursting out the top of your head? 🎉

2 min read – Talks

Visualization to cope with stage fright (part 1)

I have always had stage fright. Growing up as a shy kid in a South-East Asian family, I was raised to mostly listen, to let the adults speak and to remain silent. Children were not supposed to be the center of attention at all. This probably affected me a lot as I grew up, getting used to being most comfortable when left unexposed. 12 years ago I started working at Bekk. Here I came across a coach that shared a few visualization techniques with me to help me cope with my anxiety when being on stage, being in the spotlight. I have used these techniques several times, and especially when preparing for important presentations, for example competency days for the whole company or big conferences like JavaZone. Today I want to share the first technique with you! I call it The cinema.

7 min read – React

4 steps for the getting your React code ready for Christmas

🎶 It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas...🎶 You have put up your favorite decorations, candle lights are sparkling in the windows and Christmas cookies are baking in the oven making a nostalgic scent. You can almost feel the Christmas spirit. But, wait a minute, what's that ruining this perfect Christmas feeling? Is it dirty react code?! There are “this”, a looong render method and even “classes” all over the place. With only four days left it's probably time to do some proper refactoring of your react code. Here are four steps which I have recognized to help me get going. It's time to roll up your sleeves.

1 min read – Security

Our favorite podcasts

Looking for some entertainment while you decorate the Christmas tree or order the latest Christmas gifts? Today we share some of our favorite podcasts.

5 min read – Strategy

Hvordan oppnå verdiskapende vekst og forbedre lønnsomhet?

I gårsdagens luke skrev vi om at for å oppnå finansiell verdiskapning, bør en konsernstrategi legge til rette for vekst og/eller lønnsomhetsforbedringer. Hvordan bør vi gå frem for å vokse? Og hvordan bør vi gå frem for å forbedre lønnsomheten?

5 min read – The Cloud

Scaling is harder than you think

“Why don't they run the application on the cloud?” - every time a service goes down under heavy traffic this is a common response. Some developers seem to think that as long as you are running in the cloud, you are home free. Everything in the cloud can scale to infinity. This is of course not the case. It is easier to make an application that can scale to infinity in the cloud, but it is not necessarily easy.

8 min read – UX

Fra analog til digital bøsse på speed

I en nasjonal dugnad, én søndag i året har over 100 000 mennesker banket på dører i hele Norge for et godt formål. Hva skjer når man ikke lenger kan samles fysisk og hvordan erstatter man denne aktiviteten digitalt på kun seks uker?! 😱