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7 min read – Strategy

Kan en merkevarestrategi gape over for mye?

Ferie. Endelig. Vi skal hjem, til hvit jul og til skiføre. Billettene er for lengst booket, inkludert ski. Den digitale reisen har gått som smurt, men nå ender den brått i innsjekkingsskranken på Gardermoen, med en motvillig SAS-ansatt i rubben. Hvorfor blir det slik, at inntrykket man har fått av et selskap digitalt, kan ta en helomvending i møte med mennesker og kultur?

6 min read – Talks

The good, the Bad and the Hideous: experiments with visual presentation styles

6 min read – The Cloud

Succeed with your microservices

There are many ways of structuring or designing your microservices. My thoughts on the matter are that there is no right way. However, there are some tips that I have experienced that I think are worth sharing, and that might fit your project as well.

3 min read – JavaScript

"JavaScript" != "Javascript"

When I studied computer science for five years there was a lot of mathematics. Equality was probably the simplest part. After ten years of working, I’ve done a lot of JavaScript. Equality is not the simplest part… Why?

2 min read – Elm

Outbound ports

In yesterday's post, we learned about inbound ports in Elm. Today, instead of receiving a message, we want to send a message from our Elm application to the outside world that is JavaScript.

4 min read – React

Create a generic table with React and Typescript

When I first started out with Typescript I found it very difficult to create the correct types when making generic components. In this article we will create a generic Table component that can be used with any set of objects.

4 min read – UX

Et bittelite tips på bittelille julaften

Det mangler alltid et punktum eller en hjelpetekst. Knappen er ikke helt midtstilt og det finnes skriveleifer her og der. Det er for lite eller for mye avstand mellom noen elementer, mobilversjonen avviker litt fra desktopversjonen og det er for lav kontrast på teksten i dark mode. Dette er eksempler på småfeil som fort oppstår. Hvorfor er det viktig å få fikset disse feilene? Og hvordan kan vi holde oversikt over dem og få de prioritert slik at de blir fikset?

4 min read – Security

Anonymous Tokens for Private Contact Tracing

In a chaotic, pandemic-ridden 2020, we've seen a heated debate on the need for efficient contact tracing that still respects privacy. There are many aspects to this debate — this blog post covers how one can submit data anonymously, while still providing a verifiably authentic upload token.

4 min read – Kotlin

Collection magic

9 min read – Functional

A Functional Architecture Demo

When I first started learning functional programming, I had already been programming for many years, mostly in object oriented languages the last decade. How would the architecture for a functional program look like? How can we avoid mutation, which is a cornerstone of OOP? How can functions be used as an abstraction?

10 min listen – Innovation

Er smidig riktig for radikal innovasjon?

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