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7 min read – Functional

A peek into Scala 3

2 min read – Kotlin

Kotlin metaprogramming with kotlinpoet

Wouldn't it be sweet if you could automate writing code. Well, that's what we're taking a look at today. Metaprogramming, code generation, or in short; writing kotlin code that generates even more kotlin code 🤯.

9 min read – Talks

How to Present Like Me

If you're curious about doing tech talks, chances are you're stressed out about preparing for it. Let's see how it's done.

3 min read – React

Reusing existing JavaScript-code in your React app

A couple of years ago, a colleague and I created a small JavaScript application to toy around with some image processing techniques. I really enjoyed the project, and the other day I decided put the same functionality in my new React code. One way of doing this would be to rewrite the whole thing, and to be honest, it probably would not have been that much work. But it got me thinking, how would I go about injecting the already written code into my React application? I haven't done anything like this before, and if you haven't either, this is a blog post for you!

4 min read – The Cloud

Sharing infrastructure as code with linked Azure Resource Manager templates

This blog post will not focus on how or even why you should write your infrastructure as code. Rather, it will focus on how you, a curious developer working with Azure Resource Manager (ARM), can modularize your infrastructure code and share it with others through linked ARM templates. I will also show you the basic parts of a self-made "repository" of templates which makes using shared templates a breeze.

2 min read – Elm

Combining Maybes in Elm

Have you ever needed to combine different Maybe-values to produce another value? In this article, we explore just that.

7 min read – UX

Kan et produktteam sammenlignes med et parforhold?

En dag i november fikk jeg en AHA-opplevelse. Den gode, deilige følelsen hvor alt gir mening, hvor jeg følte meg et par kilo lettere. En ny sammenheng ble oppdaget, da jeg begynte å reflektere rundt at et produktteam, og spesielt samarbeid med ulike utviklere, på mange måter kan sammenlignes med et parforhold.

4 min read – Strategy

Bør kreativt tankesett styres av strategivalget?

Det er viktig å forstå hvilket strategimiljø du opererer i når du staker ut retning for fremtidig lønnsomhet. Både effektivisering for å redusere utgifter og utforskning av revolusjonerende forretningsideer har en investeringskostnad igjennom arbeidet for å realisere planene. Og genvinstrealiseringen i ulike strategiske miljøer har ulik hastighet.

17 min listen – Innovation

Fra utvikler til seriegründer

7 min read – JavaScript

Higher-order functions in JavaScript

If you are well-versed in the JavasScript-universe, you probably know that functions are also objects in JavaScript. Everything you can do with regular objects and values, you can do with functions as well. You can pass them as parameters to other functions, declare them as variables or pass them around as you’d like. Since functions can be passed as parameters or returned as an output from another function, this has enabled higher-order functions to be built into the language. In this article I will demonstrate how higher-order functions have allowed me to write readable and more maintainable code with fewer bugs, and how it coincidentally completely removed the need to write for-loops in my code!

2 min read – Security

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