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11 min listen – Innovation

Hvordan jobbe brukerorientert når du ikke har brukere?

Hvordan jobber du brukerorientert og med brukerbehov når brukerene dine er langt unna? Langt unna både verdikjede distanse og langt unna i tid? Finnes det noe enkel løsning? Linda Halvorsen, Jens Andreas Huseby og Moquan Chen diskuterer og spekulerer i denne kaffepraten.

2 min read – Java

So long, Java 8

Or –– how to upgrade your code base from JDK 8 to 11 and beyond.

3 min read – CSS

Wrap it up! – Creating a CSS game

Santa needs your help. The usually ever so helpful elves have decided to play a trick on him, and have made all the toys run around, resisting getting wrapped in the lovely Christmas wrapping paper he just spent all day picking out. Can you help Santa catch and wrap all of them? See the Pen <a href=''>CSS Christmas game</a> by Mira Feiring (<a href=''>@mfeiring</a>) on <a href=''>CodePen</a>.

3 min read – JavaScript

A short recap on polyfills

Maybe you’ve heard of Fetch? The promise-based Web API for making network requests in the browser, and a favourite amongst developers. If you paste fetch(‘’) into the Chrome DevTools console and run it you can take a closer look at how it works. Sadly, you can’t do the same in Internet Explorer. It won’t work. That is because Internet Explorer has not implemented support for Fetch. Or Promise for that matter.

2 min read – Machine Learning

Become a data-driven organization

Becoming “data-driven” has been a stated objective for many organizations over the past few years. However, according to Harvard Business review most companies are failing to achieve this.

3 min read – UX

Slipp fontene fri!

Folka i Monotype, kanskje verdens fremste fonteksperter, publiserte nylig en trendrapport om typografi. De mener at bruken av variable fonter kommer til å øke dramatisk de neste årene. Men hva er egentlig variable fonter? Og hvorfor har det plutselig blitt så aktuelt akkurat nå?

6 min read – Functional

Functional Data Validation

2 min read – Open Source

OSS Java and Github actions

GitHub actions is the new kid on the block. Lets look at a first try in implementing build and release-functionality.

4 min read – Security

Safe travels for the road warrior

In business travel, a road warrior is a person that uses mobile devices such as tablet, laptop, smartphone and internet connectivity while traveling to conduct business. The term spawns from the movie Mad Max 2, starring Mel Gibson.

3 min read – Kotlin


3 min read – The Cloud

Tesla Sentry with AWS Rekognition

Teslas are the most technologically advanced cars on the market right now. One interesting feature is called Sentry Mode, it's a built-in security system that uses 4 (out of 8) cameras to continuously monitoring the surroundings of the car. Unfortunately, there is no way to watch the videos remotely, they have to be stored on a USB drive that’s plugged into the car. That’s very impractical, it takes only a few days before there are too many videos and you end up just ignoring them. In this post, I want to describe how I’m trying to use video content analysis to determine if there is a person on any video and then send a notification to the owner. I’m using Azure for archiving the videos and AWS to process them.

2 min read – React

Some neat things to know when working with React and TypeScript

I started working with React and TypeScript about six months ago. Since then I’ve learned a lot, and there are a few things I wish I knew when I started out that would have saved me from messy solutions and some frustrating moments. Here are the ones I think are the most useful.