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7 min read – React

How I structure my React code

If you're looking for the definite answer to how you should structure you React apps, this article probably isn't for you. If you're interested in seeing how it can be done - read on!

6 min read – Java

Code as data, Java edition

3 min read – The Cloud

Better API development using Azure Functions

The Cloud has changed the way we work. From enabling truly global scale through faster and repeatable deployments to a whole new DevEx for working with back-end services.

9 min read – Functional

Using the Try Monad for exception handling in GraphQL-java

2 min read – Open Source

Open source + Svalbard Global Seed Vault: Artic Code Vault

The seed vault just got a new neighbour - Open source is moving in and plans on staying for the long haul

11 min listen – Innovation

Hvor enkelt er det egentlig for oss gæmliser å forstå unges digitale vaner?

Innsikt er viktig uansett målgruppe, men hvor enkelt er det egentlig for oss «gæmliser» å forstå unges digitale vaner? Vi er innom YOLO, FOMO og FOLO, og slår et slag for involvering av de unge i produkt- og tjenesteutvikling. Med Vikki Walle-Hansen, Thea Snilsberg Søfting og Pia Solheim.

3 min read – Machine Learning

Knitting + Machine learning = ❤️

When knitting met machine learning, an untold love story.

10 min read – Kotlin

The ins and outs of Kotlin

Wonder why a MutableList<Cat> isn't a subtype of MutableList<Animal>? Ever seen the "in" and "out" modifiers in Kotlin and wondered what they do? Let's find out!

10 min read – JavaScript

Cellular Automata in the Browser

3 min read – CSS

BEM - Naming made a little easier

The field of computer science is moving forward at an extraordinary pace. The phone in your pocket is becoming much more advanced thanks to these feats of engineering. The greatest challenge that everyone faces, however, is coming up with names in programming. Despite the massive accomplishments in AI and machine learning, the most difficult part of these tasks are, I believe, coming up with good names. BEM does not solve this issue, but it makes it easier by many degrees, and with the addition of a CSS preprocessor, it can make your CSS-code more readable and hierarchically sound than before.

5 min read – UX

Your product team needs an insight retro

Who is responsible for insights in a product team?

2 min read – Security

People we follow

On one of the darkest Sundays of the year, we again take a step back, and give you another list of interesting people we follow. Today we pay respect to a few people that deserve to be listened to. Of course there are others, but these stand out.