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4 min read – React

A recipe for toasts

5 min read – UX

User insight alone won't cut it for good design

Why you, as a designer, should know the domain you are working in, not just base your choices on user insight.

4 min read – Functional

Functors - What are they?

A functor might sound very strange and esoteric but chances are you have used it in some ways. Some of you probably a lot! In this article we will look at what they are and some reasons they are useful.

9 min listen – Innovation

Hva er forskjellen mellom design og designer?

Er det 1:1 mellom designer og design? Eller er design "motoren" mer enn det en designer utøver? Hvordan ser vi på design arbeidet opp mot evolusjon og hypotesetesting? Er design simulering? Linda Halvorsen, Jens Andreas Huseby og Moquan Chen kaffeprater.

2 min read – Security

Who is your security champion?

We all know it; application security is a shared responsibility and everyone in the team should act according to the secure lifecycle development process. But our experience is that security is one of the first non-functional requirements that are dropped when deadlines approaches or when management is setting up a budget for the next period.

8 min read – Kotlin

Going from Java to Kotlin

We used to have a pure Java application. Then we decided to add some Kotlin code to it, just to try it out. Now there is almost no Java code left. How did that come about? Read on!

2 min read – The Cloud

Terraforming Christmas Cards

So like every year, Christmas is approaching too fast, and like every year I’m late at writing Christmas cards! Like all other complex problems in life, also this can be tackled by using the open source infrastructure as code tool Terraform!

3 min read – Open Source

GitHub, and what else?

So we've all mostly heard about GitHub, right? But did you know there are other thriving open source hosting platforms out there?

7 min read – Java

Garbage collection

Garbage collection (GC) has been one of Java's most compelling features since its inception. Allowing developers to focus on the core functionality of their application instead of memory management.

3 min read – Machine Learning

Who said Christmas cleaning can't be fun?

The most important part of any data science project is the data. It does not matter how fancy your algorithm is if your data has low quality or does not capture the relationships you are interested in. In the end it all comes down to the simple truth: “garbage in, garbage out”. Data cleaning refers to a variety of methods for improving data quality. It can be a time consuming and challenging process, but the reward for properly cleaning your data can be great.

3 min read – CSS

Blending color codes with mix-blend-modes

This day is going to be all about blending colors, or rather how you can do blending in CSS with mix-blend-mode! Those of you that have limited experience playing around with colors may wonder what blending is. It’s quite simple, blending is when you mix two colors together in order to get a new color - and yes, it’s exactly like when you played around with color tubes in kindergarten!

2 min read – JavaScript

A symbolic gift

Years ago, the JavaScript language was gifted with the Symbol primitive. Unlike many other language features in ES6, it was not simply a shorter syntax for doing something otherwise previously possible. It is not obvious what the point of these symbols are, and they are not commonly used. If you try to read up on them, you will find that many articles focus on details that are not important to the purpose of symbols. This article will explain what they are, what the point is, and give some real life use cases.