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2 min read – Kotlin

When we need a concrete generic

While using Java or Kotlin, have you ever needed the actual type of the type parameter in a generic function? Meet reified!

4 min read – Functional

Map and bind - A hidden functional concept in C#

In this post, I'll show that C# implements the functional concepts map and bind. I'll further show that these are useful for other contexts than just collections with an example implementation for Task<T>. We'll then clean up a process by using map and bind to compose a new process of several smaller processes. Hopefully this will show that functional concepts both exists and are useful even in non-functional languages.

4 min read – Machine Learning

Conversation analysis with Python

Exploring NLP libraries for Norwegian

2 min read – React

Micro animations to the rescue

People like to understand what's happening around them, whether it's in real life or in an app on their phone. Let us have a little peak into how we can help users of our React Native app.

3 min read – JavaScript

Feature toggling as a service – ❤️at first sight

I used to think that feature switches were clunky if-statements in my code that would require re-compilation or at least restart of my app. Launch Darkly proved me totally wrong, swinging me from cynical scepticism to deep love!

3 min read – Java

Debugging Streams in IntelliJ

Have you ever found it hard to debug Streams in Java? Allow me to introduce you to a very powerful tool in IntelliJ IDEA; Mr. Stream Trace.

3 min read – Open Source

Accelerating cloud migration by contributing to Terraform providers

How does Digipost contribute to open source to speed up their migration to the public cloud?

11 min read – The Cloud

How clouds impact environment

We are generating astounding amounts of data. Estimates show that the amount of data worldwide will increase by 60% per year, reaching 175 zettabytes by 2025, up from 33 in 2018. Roughly half of it will be stored in public clouds and the rest in other types of data centers.

6 min read – UX

Å være bevisst sine antagelser

Når vi utvikler digitale løsninger så tar vi gjerne mange antagelser om hva som vil løse problemet vi jobber med. Vi ser et problem, vi kommer på en idé om hvordan vi kan løse det, vi lager det og setter det ut i prod.

3 min read – Security

Stuff we read - sunday reading

3 min read – CSS

CSS Accessibility - keeping focus

Did you know that you might be required by law to create accessible websites? In many countries, government agencies has been required to create websites that comply with WCAG 2.0 for a long time, and in for instance Norway, this requirement also apply for private companies. For a general introduction to accessibility, I recommend reading the article from day 6 in our UX Christmas calendar, and to see all the technical tidbits involved, I recommend going through the checklist found at As this is a CSS Christmas calendar, let’s focus on the stuff we control using CSS, and today, it is all about keeping focus!

12 min listen – Innovation

Har autonomi gått for langt?

Vi diskuterer spørsmålet om autonomi i produktutviklingsteam har gått for langt. Og hvordan krysser du egentlig en elv?