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6 min read

System Level Python Macros With Voice Commands Using Talon

A quick introduction to Talon, a hands-free input system that lets you control you computer with your voice, and Python.

12 min listen – Methodology

Hvordan spenne beina på et IT-prosjekt? (Del 3 av 3) - Abstraksjoner

Drypp er en lavterskel podcast fra Bekk.

3 min read – React

useDeferredValue in React 18

With React 18, a new hook is available which can slow down our UI on purpose 🤯 Why may we need such a hook? 🤔

8 min read – Recommender system

Invisible Guides Through the Galaxy

We are visiting the digital galaxy again - today, as any other day. So grand and immense, expanding by the second. For years, we have roamed here, visiting place after place, yet not seen a percentage of what it has to offer. You would think we would become rather overwhelming at some point. Yet we seldom are. Maybe it's due to the invisible helpers we have by our side, guiding us through these various landscapes and obstacles toward our desired destination. Although many know these guides and interact with them everyday, few know their name: Recommender systems.

10 min read – JavaScript

TypeScript Decoders and Where to Find Them

TypeScript is fantastic, but without Json Decoders, your code (probably) isn't type safe.

2 min read – JavaScript

Tagged template literals

Template literals (`My name is ${name}`) have existed in JavaScript for a while. There is a good chance that it is your preferred way to concatenate strings in JavaScript. A slightly lesser known sub-feature of this is the tagged template literal (myTag`My name is ${name}`). What is it and why should you care?