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10 min listen – Methodology

Hvordan spenne beina på et IT-prosjekt? (Del 2 av 3) - Motstridende forretningsmål

Drypp er en lavterskel podcast fra Bekk.

6 min read – Security

Definitely Maybe with Bloom Filters

Let's take a look at Bloom Filters and how it works! Based on a talk and an article from Scott Helme.

6 min read – The Cloud, Development

Is CAP just used by truckers that distribute systems?

What are distributed systems and where can we find them in our everyday life? Bottle CAP and CAP theorem what is the difference?

6 min read – CSS, JavaScript

Why I love Style Dictionary, and why you should too

Style Dictionary is one of the very best tools I've ever encountered. It's powerful, fun, and great for managing your design tokens!