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4 min read – JavaScript

Wrap up your CSS with Stitches!

Have you ever struggled with CSS? Have you found it hard to structure a large CSS codebase, even when using methodologies like BEM or OOCSS? Have you tried using CSS-in-JS solutions, but struggled with the setup or lack of typing? Or maybe you've used Tailwind, but find the initial bundle size intimidating, or the tooling to reduce it too complex? Stitches is a new CSS-in-JS library from Modulz and Christian Alfoni, creator of Cerebral and Overmind. It promises "Near-zero runtime, server-side rendering, multi-variant support, and best-in-class developer experience." We'll take a look at what this means, and how Stitches compares to existing CSS-in-JS solutions like Styled Components, Emotion and Material UI.

3 min read – Talks

Keep your audience engaged!

There are many ways to make sure that your audience is following along as you present. Here comes a few learning points we had from analyzing different talks, both our own talks, the king of Norway, and many many others 👑

2 min read – UX

Design and emotions

The other day, a group of designers here at Bekk was so lucky to get a super interesting presentation about emotions from a psychologist. The Psychologist was Lars Hære.

15 min listen – Innovation

Hva kommer etter SaaS?

3 min read – Functional

Error Handling in Kotlin Without Exceptions

In this article, we compare error handling methods in Kotlin; specifically: exceptions, Either, and Result.

4 min read – Strategy

Hvordan mislykkes med implementering av ny strategi?

6 min read – Security

Hacking Like it's 1996 - a short history of the stack buffer overflow.

5 min read – The Cloud

Have a merry hybrid Christmas

A special year is coming to its end, we look back at the pandemic dominating most of the news (fake or not). Despite the fact that he apparently is immune, it is still a special year for Santa Claus. This year he began his journey towards the cloud for his on-north-pole infrastructure.

2 min read – Elm

Reducing boilerplate code in Elm with Maybe.andThen

Working with the Maybe type in Elm may result in excessive pattern matching because Elm forces us to handle all possible outcomes. In this article, we investigate how the Maybe.andThen function can be used to improve readability by reducing unnecessary pattern matching and boilerplate code.

2 min read – Kotlin

Companion object vs top level val

Ever wondered where to declare your constants, or static methods in Kotlin? Even though Kotlin has no explicit notion of statics, there are multiple ways of mimicking the same behavior.

3 min read – React

Making sounds with React and Tone.js

By utilizing Tone.js one could easily produce some sounds, and if you’re lucky it could be quite musical. In this article we’ll look at combining React with Tone.js to make a simple sequencer.