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2 min read – Design

Tips for å lese mer faglitteratur!

Alle (designere) bør lese mer faglitteratur og diskutere relevansen av det vi leser med de vi jobber med! Hvordan komme i gang? Jeg har samlet noen tips!

8 min read – React, Development

Break your app into pieces: Code splitting and lazy loading without the tears

Code splitting and lazy loading can be synonymous with heartache and headache. Luckily, smart people have made tools to make it easier for us. Webpack and React Router are familiar to many in the React community. Add loadable-components to the mix, and you have all the ingredients for code splitting and lazy loading without the tears!

7 min read – Development, Everyday hacks, Rust

A better `ls` in 100 lines of Rust

Don't you just hate how boring ls is? I mean, it just spits out the names of files and folders on a line, one after the other. Come on, it's not 1987 anymore. Let's try to make our own version, using Rust! Don't know any Rust? Go ahead and read last year's Introduction to Rust first! 🦀 I'll be waiting 🥱