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6 min read – React

Communication with Bluetooth devices using React and TypeScript

Bluetooth is a technology that you might use every day; This could be wireless headphones, game controllers or heart rate monitors, which all use Bluetooth. Until recently, I imagined technology like this required implementation of low level drives in C, but oh'boy, was I wrong! Thanks to Web Bluetooth, it is now possible to communicate with Bluetooth peripherals through the browser with JavaScript! We will explore how we can create a web app using React, TypeScript and Web Bluetooth to control our favourite smart lights to make our home ready for Christmas 🎅

4 min read – Development

How to: RetroPie!

Lyst til å spille nintendo, supernintendo, sega mega drive, eller lot ikke foreldrene dine deg få nintendo 64 eller gameboy color? Ikke noe stress, lag din egen spillkonsoll for under 1000kr, som du kan spille på din moderne tv med hdmi! Her er hvordan å bygge en retropie emulator på 10 enkle steg!