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4 min read – Machine Learning

What do we say to our robotic overlords? Not today.

There is no doubt that machine learning AIs have impressed us with their superhuman performance in the last few years. Computer programs such as Alphago, Alphazero, and Openai Five have shown that machines can dominate us humans in Go, Chess and Dota2. While these advances in technology are making a lot of people excited, they are also making some people very scared. If machines can beat us mano a mano in some of our most complex games, what is stopping them from dominating us in real life? In an interview with BBC, Stephen Hawkins said that "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race," and during a presentation for MIT Elon Musk called AI our "biggest existential threat." Surely, when Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkins are calling out the dangers of AI, the rest of us should be afraid. Or should we?

4 min read – Personal Development

Selvutvikling på 1-2-3: 2) Pendelmodellen – sett retning for din personlige utvikling

Hvordan kan du sette retning for din personlige utvikling? Med bakgrunn i mine egne styrker introduserer jeg en pendelmodell. Denne modellen og mine eksempler viser en fremgangsmåte for å velge hvordan man ønsker å utvikle seg.

3 min read – Security

Schrems-II – At what cost?

With more than a year since the Schrems-II verdict, I am wondering if it has really left us with any better privacy, or if it has actually been a net loss for European citizens.