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5 min read – Security

Are you vulnerable to privacy attacks and identity theft?

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it, a new year. It’s time to leave bad security habits behind in 2020, set aside some time for a digital cleanup, and move forwards with a clean slate.

3 min read – React

How to force-refresh your app every once in a while

5 min read – Talks

How to improve your digital presentations (pt. 2)

If you planned for doing a presentation or two in 2020, as with the vacation plans, it might not have gone quite as planned. We have asked people in Bekk what their favourite tips and tricks are when presenting digitally. What new possibilities arises? In this article, we summarize our main findings in 12 concrete tips. Enjoy!

1 min read – Functional

Video spotlight: Constraints Liberate, Liberties Constrain

13 min listen – Innovation

Hva er framtiden for strømmetjenester?

7 min read – The Cloud

Rethinking data sharing in the next decade

Data is today recognized as the single most important resource to contribute to economic growth in the next decade. Connecting data in new ways creates new opportunities for innovation and new services. The public and private sector have engaged in this development by sharing many valuable datasets. But are todays methods for data sharing suitable for the future?

4 min read – Elm

Let's talk about TEA - The Elm Architecture!

Elm and other functional programming languages might look weird and scary to newcomers. Once you get to know them, however, functional languages becomes very clear and satisfying to work with Let's look at the MVU - Model, View, Update - architecture. The architecture is also known as TEA - The Elm Architecture - but is useful in other languages as well

6 min read – Kotlin

Kotlin code sketching in IntelliJ with Scratch Files and Kotlin REPL

Imagine you're sitting on the train on your way to work, and you suddenly get an epiphany on how to solve that mind numbing coding problem that's been bothering you over the last few days. You whip out your laptop, create a new Kotlin file, implement the standard main function, and hit "Build" to verify that everything is OK. By the time IntelliJ responds with a "green light", your stop has been announced on the speaker system and you have to drop what you were doing. At the office, the solution you once had so clear in your mind now is lost to the void. If only you had a tool to quickly verify that code snippet, with less overhead!

6 min read – Strategy

Hvordan skapes finansiell verdi?

Basert på økonomisk teori bør det overordnede målet for private virksomheter være finansiell verdiskapning. Men hvordan skapes egentlig finansiell verdi? Og hva bør prioriteres mellom lønnsomhet og vekst?

4 min read – JavaScript

Debounce and throttle

Ever wanted to implement a search as-you-type? What about transforming something while the user is scrolling. Just add an event listener for this works, but it can really impact the browser performance. Fetching from the server on every keypress isn't just unnecessary, it may also be hard on your server. This can be solved by two functions, debounce and throttle. Let's have a look at the difference between the two and how they can be implemented

8 min read – UX

Den digitale julevasken

Hva har Marie Kondo og Hey til felles? Hvordan kan de hjelpe en rotete sjel å få styr på nyhetsbrev og viktige e-poster? Her får du et innblikk i hverdagen til en designer som elsker organisering, ispedd et aldri så lite review av e-posttjenesten Hey.