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6 min read – JavaScript

The Magic of TypeScript

I like TypeScript. I also like Magic the Gathering. What if we combine them; can the magical domain of planeswalkers and spells help us understand the awesome but advanced type system of TypeScript?

5 min read – Machine Learning

Reinforcement learning

From the moment they’re born, animals learn by interacting with their surrounding environment. The basic question in the field of reinforcement learning is: can machines do the same?

2 min read – Java

Java ❤️ Kotlin

It's time to get on the fun train. Start simple by introducing small pieces of Kotlin into your existing Java code.

4 min read – UX

Utpust om viktigheten av å være nysgjerrig

- Hvorfor? Hvorfor? - Hvorfor? - Hvorfor? Hvorfor? Hvorfor? Hvorfor? - Slutt! - ... Hvorfor?

10 min read – Open Source

Open ≠ Free ≠ Gratis

Software has become an integrated part of life. It's everywhere, and the complexity is increasing. As developers, we're standing on the shoulders of giants. Most of the software running in our applications is written by someone else. But do you know what you're allowed to use the software for? And what your obligations are when using the software? All software has a license, which means it contains legal talk which "authorize the use, performance, or release of (something)."

4 min read – The Cloud

Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare Workers is a service that let's you run serverless functions on Cloudflare's Edge Network close to where the user is located. Combined with the V8 JavaScript engine this lets you write highly scalable functions in the cloud with fast startup and response times. This article shows how you can get started using Cloudflare Workers, and present some possible use cases.

1 min read – CSS

Weeding the Grid

Let's get hands on with grids!

11 min listen – Innovation

Hvor kommer behov fra?

Snakker vi fortsatt om behov i den klassiske Maslow's pyramiden? Eller ser man på behov som noe annet? Og hvordan jobber vi med behov i vår bransje? Altså, hvordan sporer du ønsket om enkel innlogging tilbake til Big Bang? Jens Andreas Huseby, Linda Halvorsen og Moquan Chen drikker kaffe og prater.

3 min read – Kotlin

On wavelength with lambdas

3 min read – Functional

That one time I thought I understood recursion

A short tale about my struggle to comprehend why C# isn't a functional language.

5 min read – React

How I test my React apps in 2019

Testing your apps is becoming so easy, it's starting to become worth the trouble!

4 min read – Security

Tor, the onion router

Does the US government sponsor the development of the darknet? What is The Onion Router project and why should you be anonymous on the internet?