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Today's posts

1 min read – Open Source

volkswagen - for when you just need to pass your tests

Today's tip is a nice, useful satirical Open Source repository for when you need to fake it to make it.

4 min read – Functional

Visualize bike rental data in Clojure

3 min read – JavaScript

Writing JavaScript With Only Six Characters

You've probably seen someone on the internet write funny-looking but runnable JavaScript code using only six different characters. But how does that actually work?

4 min read – UX

Designere gjennom en utviklers øyne

Tegnetusjer i ørten pastellfarger. Fancy penner. iPhone. Post-its i diverse størrelser; noen større enn en PC-skjermen, andre mindre enn et viskelær. En bok om “Real life Continuous Digital Design Thinking In Agile Organisations Service Blueprint Flow”. Macbook med “Wine&Design”-sticker. Kaffekopp, chiapudding og mandelmelk fra Kaffebrenneriet. Slik ville jeg, en utvikler, beskrevet en designers pult på 30 sekund.

7 min read – Kotlin

Typesafe Error Handling in Kotlin

5 min read – Java

What's new in Java 12, 13 and 14, part I

The release cycle of Java has changed quite dramatically recently, meaning we're getting new features at a more rapid pace than earlier. If you still hadn't had the time to read up on what's been going on the last releases, look no further!

3 min read – Machine Learning

How to talk like a machine

When I decided to write a blog post called "How to talk like a machine", I discovered that the question of how to write a simple blog post had a lot of deep implications. The follow-up question was "How can I make my blog post read like a machine-made blog post?". It turns out that there is a difference between writing a single paragraph of prose and a long essay in a natural language. There are a few things you need to be aware of when you write a machine-made blog post.

2 min read – CSS

CSS Accessibility - you make me sick!

Yesterday, we showed how to empower our users to stop our long running animations. But why force our users to manually stop animations, when they are screaming at us that they do not want animations!

3 min read – React

Why (not) make a design system?

Design is complex - and ever increasingly so. It requires full collaboration between all teams and professions involved in the process. A shared design language makes teams work together more effectively. That’s why companies invest in design systems. But how can we make sure that it works for our product and improves our productivity?

3 min read – Security

The problem with IoT and random

“The s in IoT stands for security” is a joke as old as the shared code base used in your IoT web-camera. Usually we mock IoT for having little or bad security, but the real issue is perhaps that IoT can't have good security.

5 min read – The Cloud

Firebase features, React Native and Entur

Entur operates the national registry for all public transport in Norway, collecting data from 60 public transportation operators. The registry contains data about 21,000 daily departures on 3,000 routes. This data is open and free to use for app and service developers. Based on this registry Entur also provides Norway’s public transport route planner and ticketing app - Entur - with over 250 000 downloads. The app is developed using React Native, and it’s supplemented with a lot of Google Firebase features. In this post we’ll be highlighting how we use the Firebase Remote Config feature and the Cloud Functions.

7 min listen – Innovation

Hvorfor tenke bærekraft i produktutvikling?

Therese Borge Lied, Nora Guthe og Snorre Gryte tar praten om bærekraft i produktutvikling over en kaffe. Vi snakker litt om hva bærekraftige produkter kan være, og gapet mellom holdninger og faktisk adferd.