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9 min read – UX

Juletempen på fem designarar i Bekk

14 dagar att til jul! Treng du nokre tips til hektiske innspurtsdagar, leiter etter inspirasjon til gode brukaropplevingar, eller lurer du kanskje på kva julesong du skal sette på til arbeidet og kva julefilm du bør få med deg før jula ringes inn? Eg har tatt juletemperaturen på fem av designarane våre i eit forsøk på å finne svar.

3 min read – Open Source

Hacktoberfest from a maintainer’s perspective

Hacktoberfest provides a great opportunity for people to win a t-shirt. But it is also a great way for maintainers of open source code to get some help with their issues. Here are some of my experiences from being a maintainer this October.

5 min read – Security

Responsible disclosure

You double checked, triple checked, even quadruple checked, and it is really there! You have just found a vulnerability in someone else's system. Maybe you just got access to something you shouldn't have, you can prove that an attacker could easily take down the system, or you found your way around the payment process in a shop. Whatever the bug, you now need to disclose it, but in a responsible manner.

4 min read – The Cloud

Prepare to die - An introduction to Spot Market

Companies and developers love the cloud. The cloud provides scalability and resilience to some of the most critical applications for a company. Due to the cloud, companies are no longer required to have large server installations on-premises. Actually, many companies are able to fully migrate almost all of their daily operations into the cloud. So, what are the downsides? Well, according to Info World, there are some major concerns regarding the cloud, one of them being costs. There are many ways to combat costs, and today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite ones, the spot market.

8 min listen – Innovation

Hvorfor har beslutningsgrunnlag skjermbilder?

Alle beslutningsunderlag har alltid skjermbilder av hva produktteamet skal lage. Skjermbildene er ofte dårlige og langt i fra hva som er riktig å lage. Hvorfor er de nødvendige?

2 min read – Kotlin

It’s in the small things

3 min read – React

Control your components

A quick and easy guide to creating components that control their own state, if you want them to.

3 min read – JavaScript

Should you choose npm or yarn?

Every team has to make various decisions before, and during, the development of a digital product. One of these usually involves yarn, npm or another tool to build and package javascript code. Some developers have a burning desire to go in a certain direction, and sometimes they end up spending a considerable amount of time trying to make decisions that in fact will have little impact in their everyday life.

2 min read – Java

IntelliJ Ninja Tricks

As a developer I spend most of my time at work in my IDE, for me that IDE is IntelliJ IDEA. During these years I have learned a few tricks, some useful keyboard-shortcuts and found a few plugins that have helped me be more effective in my day-to-day work. I want to share these lessons with you in the form of 4 IntelliJ ninja tricks!

6 min read – Functional

Introduce functional languages to your production stack

3 min read – Machine Learning

Neural Networks

If you have paid some attention to the artificial intelligence community the latest years, you’re bound to have heard of neural networks. These kinds of computational algorithms have pushed the boundaries of machine learning in pretty much every sub field there is. But what are they really?

3 min read – CSS

Bleeding edge - making your grids bleed

Grid layouts are nice until you need to do something slightly outside of its bounds. Want to learn a quick trick to escape?