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Today's posts

5 min read – UX

An intro to Behavioural Economics by a UX designer

Key concepts from Behavioural Economics every UX designer should know

3 min read – Functional

Schönfinkelisation and Partial Application

2 min read – JavaScript

A brief look at async-await

2 min read – Java

Useful new features in JUnit 5

5 min read – React

Test your applications in production

3 min read – CSS

Hyphens - Breaker of Words

How words are broken when lines overflow their containers is not always trivial and can cause many a headaches. Hyphens is a CSS property used to help with this, but how does it actually work and what can it do for us?

2 min read – Kotlin

Extension functions

An extension functions is, as the name implies, a function that extends an existing class. The function does this without actually modifying it!

2 min read – Open Source

How can you find code to open source?

Let's focus on "what", which I at least find the most difficult. Many questions arise: How can we pick code that our present organisation has spent time and money on and just give it out? What is actually interesting for others to see or use?

10 min listen – Innovation

Smidig organisering, del 6: Menneskesorientert kultur og hvordan lære av vaskemaskinstol-floppen?

Dette er del 6 av 6 kaffeprater om Smidig organisering. Hvordan erkjenne at du tok feil? Vi gjorde alt etter boka men det feilet likevel. Hva gjør man da?

4 min read – The Cloud

Serverless development with Serverless Framework

If you've read yesterdays post about ZEIT Now, you've already seen one of many approaches to develop and deploy a serverless API. In this post we will have a look at an alternative you can use to develop serverless applications, namely Serverless Framework. Serverless Framework can be used to develop, deploy and test your serverless applications targeted towards different cloud providers, or as they describe themselves: "The complete solution for building & operating serverless applications." Let's have a look on what this framework is all about.

4 min read – Machine Learning

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Is it straight forward to collect unbiased data for the average spending on Christmas gifts in Oslo? Did Nicolas Cage cause swimming pool drownings in US in 1999 to 2009? And how can your understanding of Bayesian probability help to prevent your doctor from erroneously removing your breasts? Read on to find out.

4 min read – Security

Heads-Up, ZAP!

The Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is one of our go to tools for doing security assessments and testing applications. Tia Firing wrote about this last year, check it out. This year we were excited to learn that a new feature called Heads Up Display was introduced in the latest version.