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5 min read – CSS

Don't suffer like I Grid - SafIEty first

Many developers hesitate to use CSS Grid in their project. A typical argument is that Grid is not supported in all browsers. But that's not true!

3 min read – Security

Stuff we listen to

After an eventful, or not, weekend, nothing beats listening to some fine entertainment while taking a walk, going skiing in the woods or while cranking out some code on your hobby research project. Today we are happy to share some of our favorite podcasts this year.

4 min read – Machine Learning

Customer segmentation

How can we use methods from machine learning, along with traditional principles from service design, to get a better understanding of our customers and their needs?

3 min read – Java

Manage your dependencies

During an application's lifespan you've probably added quite a few dependencies. But are all of them necessary? And are you using some libraries you're not even aware of? Today I'd like to talk a little bit about a maven plugin I'm a big fan of: maven-dependency-plugin.

7 min read – Open Source

Interview with Christian Alfoni

Today's interview is with @christianalfoni. Christian is a developer and creator of and, and works at @codesandbox.

7 min read – UX

6 oppvarmingsøvelser for å kickstarte din workshop

Av og til trenger man en skikkelig kickstart på en workshop. Hensikten kan være å fremme kreativ tenkning, eller bli bedre kjent og løse opp i stemningen. Det er ikke alltid lett å gå fra 0 til 10 på kort tid. Derfor kan oppvarmingsøvelser være en ypperlig måte å sparke i gang en workshop, eller unngå den velkjente «etter lunsj-dippen».

11 min listen – Innovation

Smidig organisering, del 5: Horisontal og vertikal samhandling, og kan vaskemaskinstol-teamet lære av andre?

Dette er del 5 av 6 kaffeprater om Smidig organisering. Hvordan samhandler teamet med resten av organisasjonen? Er horistonal samhandling konsensus eller koordinering, eller noe annet? Er det viktig å vite hva andre jobber med i organisasjonen? Hilde Marie Flesland, Pia Solheim og Moquan Chen drikker kaffe og prater.

4 min read – React

Optimize your app by being Lazy

What is lazy loading, and why should you do it?

9 min read – Functional

JSON Decoding in Elm

3 min read – The Cloud

Modular and Serverless API with ZEIT Now

By now, you have probably heard about serverless applications. You know, the applications where you focus on the code and let some third-party cloud provider manage the infrastructure and deployment process. With serverless functions offered by these cloud providers, it is surprisingly easy to create modular and serverless APIs that can easily be deployed with one command. Let's dig into how.

3 min read – JavaScript

The Promise of Christmas

4 min read – Kotlin

Anti-bikeshedding with ktlint

How the code is formatted can be a hot topic, but it's a solved problem - just use a linter and/or formatter! In this article, I'll introduce you to a linter and formatter for your Kotlin codebase.