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7 min read – The Cloud

Serverless Containers with Google Cloud Run

Do you want to run stateless container-based applications or microservices, but don't need all the features and management of a full-fledged Kubernetes cluster? Or do you crave the serverless model with no management and only-pay-what-you-use billing of other FaaS platforms, but find the runtime model and supported languages or versions too limiting? Let's have a look at Google Cloud Run - a fully managed serverless platform for running stateless HTTP-driven containers. And where you only pay for resources used when handling requests.

7 min read – CSS

Clean CSS - detailed edition

In yesterday's post, I listed some of the general tips I use when I try to write clean CSS code. Today, I'll try to be a bit less fluffy and instead show some detailed tips you can start applying to your projects right away. Ready? Here we go.

2 min read – Java

Project Lombok

Want to use the var keyword, but your team is stuck on Java 8? Lombok can help you. Sick and tired of writing and maintaining getters and setters? Lombok can help you.

4 min read – JavaScript

9 new features in ES2019

This year the 10th version of the ECMAScript Language Specification was released, often referred to simply as ES2019. Let’s take a closer look at what new features we got and how we can put them to use.

9 min listen – Innovation

Smidig organisering, del 4: Fleksibel ressursallokering og hva gjør du med de som jobbet med vaskemaskinstolen?

Dette er del 4 av 6 kaffeprater om Smidig organisering. Hva er fleksibel ressursallokering? Er det menneskeforflytting? Hvordan flytter du på menneskene som har jobbet med produkter/tjenester/områder som må endres eller legges ned?

5 min read – Kotlin

On the second day of KotlinConf

KotlinConf 2019 is over. Two fantastic days of talks, announcements, conversations and more. Here are some of the highlights from the product announcement on day 1 and the whole of day 2.

1 min read – Open Source

3 steps to improving your GitHub-experience

By helping others help you, you're setting yourself up for less friction. Here are 3 steps towards making the whole experience as smooth as possible 😀

7 min read – React

Manage Global State with Context API and Hooks

For quite some time, Redux has been React developers go-to library for managing their app’s global state. It’s a great tool – but do you really need it?

7 min read – Security

OWASP Mobile Top 10

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) maintain and release the well-known OWASP Top 10. It is a list of the most critical security risks in web-applications today. When developing mobile applications, security is of no less importance. However, the risks and vulnerabilities may be a little different. Therefore, OWASP developed another top 10 list, OWASP Mobile Top 10, which lists the 10 most critical security risks and vulnerabilities for applications running on a mobile platform. In 2018, NowSecure claimed that 85% of mobile applications available on the App Store or Google Play violated at lest one of the risks on the list. In this article, we will give you a brief summary and introduction to which risks we are talking about.

4 min read – Machine Learning

Spice up you graphs!

Why is it important to make beautiful graphs? Isn't it most important what the numbers show?

2 min read – Functional

Iteration without for, foreach or while

Iteration is part of the bread and butter of any programming language, and this is the case in functional programming just as much as in imperative programming, but how is it possible to iterate without for, foreach or while?

7 min read – UX

Hvorfor du trenger en merkevare — ikke bare et digitalt produkt?

I faggruppen Identitetsdesign i Bekk har vi tidligere i år arrangert en Brandsprint for seks oppstartere for å hjelpe dem med å konkretisere identiteten/merkevaren fra abstrakte tanker til en konkretisering av merkevaren. En av oppstartene, We Ignite Tech, fikk i tillegg enda en workshop der vi gikk gjennom flere verktøy som ga en bredere forståelse av merkevaren i teamet. Workshopen supplerte Brandsprinten med personlighet, posisjon og konsept. Sammen dannet workshopene «grunnmuren» til merkevaren i form av en strategi: Merkevarehistorien. Den danner grunnlaget for å bygge identiteten til We Ignite Tech.