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Today's posts

3 min read – JavaScript

The people behind JavaScript: Allen Wirfs-Brock

The people behind JavaScript is a series of interviews with the members of TC39. The committee consists of JavaScript enthusiasts and language experts who get together to define how new versions of JavaScript should work.

6 min read – UX

Accessibility: One web to include 'em all

Designers usually strive to design user-friendly products fit for a diverse group of people. But how do we actually design and develop products that consider the needs of impaired users? This short article aims to introduce you to the maze of web accessibility and its related framework WCAG 2.1: How can we include people with disabilities on the web and how do we understand the numerous criteria we need to meet in order to do so?

3 min read – React

Managing content with Sanity

Content management done the right way 🤷‍♂️

6 min read – CSS

Clean CSS - rambling edition

Over the years I've seen (and indeed written) quite a lot of horrible CSS, and I want to take a moment to share some of the rules and principles I try to follow when I write and teach CSS in order to keep the code as clean and maintainable as possible. In this post, I'll go through some general tips before I'll get into some more specific tips in tomorrow's post. Let's go!

3 min read – Machine Learning

How good is a model based on historical data?

Machine learning algorithms are helping us predict the future by learning patterns from past observations. How does this effect the way we assess our models?

5 min read – The Cloud

Unleashing speed and flexibility from the cloud

Feature toggling, or feature flags, is a fairly well known concept in the world of modern system development. It provides the foundation for separating launching a feature from the physical deployment of code, enabling things like A/B testing, piloting and a faster development process. With a few clicks, you can get going with a streamlined feature toggling setup in no time using hosted cloud services.

4 min read – Functional

The Lens Pattern in TypeScript

3 min read – Security

Here, have my biometric data, I don´t care.

Some grocery stores in Norway use fingerprints for verifying the users age when buying an item that has age-restrictions. The security of this solution gets a thumb up 👍

2 min read – Open Source


Submit four pull requests in October, get a t-shirt. That’s the TL;DR for Hacktoberfest. It’s basically a month-long global hackathon that serves as a celebration of open source and its community. Did you get your t-shirt yet?

4 min read – Java

Hidden memory costs

10 min listen – Innovation

Smidig organisering, del 3: Retningsgivende ledelse og trenger vi ledere fremover?

Dette er del 3 av 6 kaffeprater om Smidig organisering. Trenger vi ledere når vi har myndiggjorte team som jobber kundeorientert? Hva blir rollen til lederne og hvordan utøver de ledelse nå? Hvordan bygges tillit?

3 min read – Kotlin

On the first day of KotlinConf

Yesterday (the non-workshop part of) the third edition of KotlinConf kicked off. This year the conference is held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. While a visit to "Kongens by" is nice in any circumstance, a December visit with a taste of Kotlin is almost perfect.