Machine Learning

Finally December!


Welcome to our Christmas calendar for machine learning and data science, one of 12 (!) calendars prepared by Bekk this year.

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By Arne Tjora


December 1, 2019

The year is now 2019 and it seems like everyone is talking about AI, machine learning or data science these days. Not so shocking as it has already been several years since even Gartner and Harvard Business Review said that the question was not if you should be using machine learning, but rather how quickly you should do it. Despite the initial hype, people seem to have sobered up, and last year Gartner rather said that one should focus on Narrow AI. That is AI focused on solving one specific problem instead of trying to tackle all problems at once. Come to think of it, that might make us all feel safer as well 😊

I’m getting off track. Despite everyone talking about these topics as if they are self-explanatory there are likely many out there who are wondering how these different concepts fit together and why or how you should use machine learning. It might seem scary to ask someone but have no fear – we’ve got you covered.

Each day until Christmas we will give you a brief introduction into a topic related to the exciting field of machine learning and data science. Although there will be some deep dives into statistics and mathematics everyone should be able to understand the content of the calendar. We will start off by explaining machine learning and the most common techniques. As we get further into December stuff will become a bit more advanced and we will get to see some rather interesting and fun applications of machine learning. In between theory we will make time for some practical cases, business value and pure fun. You might even get some help for your Christmas preparations!

Whether you are an experienced data scientist, an aspiring novice or just curious about data science – this is the Christmas calendar for you.

Stay tuned for tomorrows article where we will start our data science journey towards Christmas.