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12 min listen – Innovation

Hvorfor snakker vi om produkter?

Hvorfor snakker vi om produkter og digital produktutvikling? Og hva er alternativet? Hvorfor snakker vi ikke om prosjekter eller tjenester?

3 min read – CSS

And then there was CSS

3 min read – React

How to avoid React's "Naughty List"

Every year, Santa Claus and his helping elves create a special list for every child in the world: the Naughty or Nice list. React has something quite similar – Strict Mode.

3 min read – The Cloud

Take your functions to the cloud with 3 simple steps

Have you ever deployed a static site, but found yourself in need of an API endpoint? Perhaps you needed somewhere to post form data, but the thought of setting up your own server, manage the endpoint and write the logic seemed like too much work. Not anymore

3 min read – JavaScript

Not breaking the web

Did you know that JavaScript is the world's NO. 1 most popular language? At least according to Github and Stack Overflow it is. As a developer, that is a huge reason to get to know it better, wouldn't you say?

3 min read – Kotlin

Get started with Kotlin!

Welcome to the Bekk 2019 Kotlin advent calendar! In the days leading up to Christmas, we will present you with 24 articles, one for each day, about different topics regarding Kotlin. To start of, we'll give a short presentation of the language and show you how to get started with Kotlin in your existing Java project.

2 min read – Machine Learning

Finally December!

Welcome! Welcome to our Christmas calendar for machine learning and data science, one of 12 (!) calendars prepared by Bekk this year.

3 min read – Java

Thread safety in Java

3 min read – Open Source

How to contribute to Open source

We think Open Source is such an important part of a developer’s life that we’ve devoted an entire advent calendar to the subject! For a lot of developers, the thought of putting your code or ideas out there for the whole community to see, can be daunting. Once you get the hang of it and get more comfortable though, it has a tendency to drag you in. Let's start by going through your first steps towards your first contribution together.

5 min read – UX

The world premiere of

Tada. With this post, I declare hereby launched. Welcome to the world’s first UX advent calendar from Bekk – 24 articles from 24 Bekkers and a rant about roles and tunnel vision.

2 min read – Security

The annual Security Christmas calendar

Welcome to the annual Security Christmas Calendar. After weeks of research and writing we are super excited to finally be able to present this year's calendar.

4 min read – Functional

What is Functional Programming?