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App Development

8 min read – App Development

How to animate stuff in React Native 💫

Animations in app development is something that, when done right, could elevate the user experience to another level. In this article I hope to give you the tools you need to create animations in your React Native app, all while keeping the Christmas spirit alive 🎅

4 min read – App Development

Serverless Online Multiplayer with Firebase

Do you want to make an online multiplayer game, but don't want to struggle with making a server? Firebase might be your solution!

9 min read – App Development

Creating the same app using 4 different frameworks

This is the carol of how a co-worker and I created the same app using 4 different frameworks: Flutter, React Native, Xamarin Forms and SwiftUI. We did this to answer the age-old question: “Which mobile application framework is the best?” and to learn for ourselves the pros and cons of different approaches. We also polled a lot of colleagues on their experiences, including authors of some of Norway’s most used and important apps. Read on to learn our and Norway’s favorite mobile application framework!

5 min read – App Development, Development

Cross platform CLIs with Swift

Swift is mostly known as «that language people use to make iPhone apps». And while the two certainly are a good match, Swift is not really tied to the iPhone anymore. Let’s see how it performs as a language for making cross platform CLIs!