Bekk Christmas 7.0

Welcome to the seventh installment of Bekk Christmas

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By Kristofer Giltvedt Selbekk, Caroline Odden, Maria Skaaden, Ina Høie, Anders Larsen, Tor Martin Frøberg Wang


December 1, 2023

Welcome to our advent calendar. Or Christmas calendar. I never really figured out the politically correct way to phrase it. But it’s here. It’s jolly. And it’s full of original content. While the days become shorter and darker, enlighten yourself with bright ideas, thoughts and learnings.

Bekk has always been incredibly invested in our sharing culture. Our entire organization is rigged towards helping ourselves learning new things, discussing them with colleagues and sharing them with the industry. And bekk.christmas is one of the best ways this manifests itself for the people looking in.

This year, we’re happy to provide you with over 100 original articles, created exclusively for Bekk Christmas. They’re all produced by Bekk engineers, designers, strategists, product owners and team leads, sharing their insights and unique experiences with the rest of you – and reinforcing their learning as they do it.

You’ll find between 3 and 5 articles in both Norwegian and English most days, and we hope you learn something new from them.

If you’re a fan, make sure to share them with your colleagues.

Happy holidays to you all!