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3 min read – Elm

Peeking Inside Lists

Working with lists in Elm is nice, but getting a sense of what’s inside a list can be tricky. In this article we will look at a techinque that allows us to get access to the elements inside a list.

6 min read – Security

The secretive history of modern cryptography

Cryptography is the science of secret writing with the goal of hiding the meaning of a message. When a message is encrypted with a secure algorithm, i.e. an encryption cipher, no one should be able to read it without the decryption key. However, the promise of security falls apart if the encryption algorithm is weak, or if someone has created a backdoor. In this article we’ll examine the modern history of encryption. We’ll learn that while the mathematical underpinnings of modern encryption is stronger than ever, government agencies have a history of thwarting efforts to reach the goal of truly secure communication.

5 min read – UX

Getting to know The Wizard of Oz

A story about trying to use the Wizard of OZ method adding new functionality to our client’s product.

14 min listen – Innovation

Trenger vi rammer for innovasjonsarbeidet?

8 min read – React

10,000 Commits Later - Switching to React Native in 2017

Back in 2017, my team were working on a feature-packed, widely used mobile app with a legacy codebase. The app had way too much logic, logic of the complex sort, with loads of very old code calling old APIs. Build times were terrible. Noone had a complete understanding of the code.

6 min read – Functional

Functors - Redux

Last year I wrote an article explaining functors in simple terms and show why they are useful. It has well received, but some felt it was lacking in details which is true and by design. There is more to be said and some crucial details that I glossed over so I will try to address some of them now. Let’s get nerdy!

3 min read – Talks

Showing code in presentations

Showing the audience a snippet of code can be an easy way of getting a complex concept across. Bekk being a tech-company it is inevitable that we will have to show code in our presentations at some point, which often leads to the question; how do I make my code look good?

3 min read – Kotlin

Gson and Kotlin: The nightmare before christmas!

Does it really matter which serialization library you choose for your application? They're all pretty much the same, right? Right... It's story time!

6 min read – JavaScript

Create your first NPM package!

Maybe you are burning inside with an idea of an NPM package that could revolutionize the world? Or maybe you just want to see what it's all about? This article will be a simple tutorial on how you can get started with creating NPM packages - which I, personally, found to be a quite useful skill to have!

2 min read – The Cloud

Uffizzi App Platform

Uffizzi ( is a new cloud platform that helps developers deploy and host applications with zero cloud infrastructure knowledge. Uffizzi is similar to Heroku in many ways, but it is built on top of GKE, which means that it has a very solid and scalable foundation. This blog post is a quick guide to deploying applications to Uffizzi.

4 min read – Strategy

Hvorfor lykkes du ikke med Spotify-modellen?