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2 min read – Talks

Recreational talk analysis

Mondays. Mondays may be the time for contemplation and relaxation after the first working day of the week. However, Mondays may also be a good time to find your favourite position in the sofa, lean back and learn talk skills from others presenting. This blog post introduces talk analysis as a tool to be a become a better presenter yourself.

4 min read – Kotlin

Type Classes

3 min read – The Cloud

Can Kubernetes save Microsoft Azure?

Azure has been growing rapidly in the enterprise in recent years. But its app services offering, which is the most important service for developers, is still mediocre. Kubernetes is, in my opinion, the only viable alternative for running applications in Azure. This blogpost explains how I came to that conclusion after roughly 6 years of working with Azure.

3 min read – React

What and why and how are worklets in Reanimated 2?

A brief introduction to Reanimated 2's worklet directive and how it can help us animate our apps.

3 min read – JavaScript

Whats new in ES2021?

The new version of ECMAScript, ES2021 is expected to be released in June 2021. What new features can we expect from the new release? This article covers some of the features in the upcoming release, and how we can put them to use.

7 min read – Functional

Overcoming the FP hurdle

In my experience Functional Programming (FP) can be something that is hard to get your head around. This is particularly true if you're very set in your ways from working in another paradigm. In this short read I hope to explain my journey up the FP mountain, as well as detailing some of my obstacles along the way. While the main goal of the writing is to re-inspire people with disappointing prior experiences, I also hope it will create a spark of curiosity for first timers.

6 min read – UX

Digital typography and accessibility

Have you ever realized how important text is in the digital sphere? It’s impossible to avoid text, whether you are to read an article, search for information, watch a video, or complete a task. In fact, it is estimated that about 95 % of the internet is text (1). This vast ocean of text states the need to welcome everyone to read, interpret, and understand - regardless of their abilities or disabilities. If you design or develop digital content, you have a responsibility to do so. And I’m here to help!

3 min read – Security

Zero Trust for application developers

Zero Trust is a security model where each component has its own perimeter. This is different from a traditional security model where all components inside of a given perimeter are regarded as safe or trusted. It was introduced as a reaction to the traditional network security model as a measure against lateral movement after a breach.

1 min read – Elm

Simplify your code with ad hoc tuples

With Elm's strong types, we must be precise when writing our business code. Precision is a good thing, but it often has the drawback of being verbose. Ad hoc tuples can save the day with clear and precise syntax!

7 min read – Strategy

Hvordan unngå innovasjonsteater?

Det legges mye penger i tiltak som skal bidra både til innovasjon i seg selv og til økt innovasjonsevne for bedriften. Men gjøres det innovasjon, eller er det mest teater? Og hvordan kan man unngå teateret?

19 min listen – Innovation

Hvordan bør man beskytte immaterielle verdier når man utvikler noe nytt?