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5 min read – The Cloud

Task Orchestration using Cloud Composer

Most organizations eventually encounter the need to automate and schedule repetative tasks. A common approach to this is using shell scripts and cron jobs. This article is a quick introduction to an alternative way of doing this: By writing python code and using Cloud Composer.

6 min read – Strategy

Hvorfor kan kultur spise strategi til frokost, egentlig?

Vi har skrevet om det velkjente sitatet til Peter Drucker før; at kultur spiser strategi til frokost.

9 min read – Security

Personvern != Sikkerhet

Simula har, sammen med FHI, fra starten prioritert sikkerhet og personvern svært høyt i utviklingen av appen. Ulike varianter av dette sitatet finner vi mange intervjuer om Smittestopp. Politikere, helsebyråkrater og utviklerne forsikrer at sikkerhet og personvern er ivaretatt. Kontrasten til Smittestopp-havariet er oppsiktsvekkende. Hvordan kan dette forstås?

12 min read – UX

De harde og myke pakkene i 2020

For deg som er ute etter artikkelen om hvordan du kan bli en bedre designer på tre minutter – dette er ikke den artikkelen. Dette er en historie, eller en samling av historier, fra meg og fra mine kollegaer, til deg. Om hva året 2020 har gitt oss - på godt og vondt, hardt og mykt. Denne artikkelen skal ikke konkludere med noe som helst, og får deg ikke nødvendigvis til å rope heureka. Tvert i mot, det skal bare fortelles og deles, rives og åpnes. Jeg håper du liker det du får!

4 min read – Talks

Hack your paleolithic mind to overcome stage fright

Most of us feel very uneasy before going on a stage or in front of a live tv-camera. Rationally you can tell yourself that even if it all goes wrong, in a few hours you will still be alive, that you’ll still have your friends and your job. And you’ll be right. Even if you forget what to say, stutter and run crying off stage, the actual impact on your life is not that important. It’s not a matter of life and death, is it?

2 min read – Elm

Hurry, curry!

Today we'll look at an interesting property of Elm known as currying. We will only explain the principle today, then spend the next two days seeing how it can be useful in practise.

3 min read – Kotlin

Serialization: New player has joined

With the release of Kotlin 1.4 we got a new treat; kotlinx.serialization. A new tool to help us with the cumbersome task of converting our objects to and from Json.

12 min listen – Innovation

Hvordan organiserer man seg best for innovasjon?

7 min read – Functional

Dependent types and Idris

4 min read – JavaScript

3D with WebGL and three.js

As a developer, you have surely wondered if the web can do full 3D beyond tweaking the z-index and fiddling with CSS 3D transforms. WebGL is the API for making such fully customizable visualizations in all dimensions. We can use this together with de facto standard framework three.js to unlock this mysterious domain.

4 min read – React

Validate Your Parking

He couldn't believe it. This certainly couldn't be true. Someone else must have made a mistake here. He read the email a second time. Maybe he missed something and the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding? But he didn't, of course. He is the kind of person who always pays attention to typos, therefore reading it again was quite pointless. Anger started spreading through him. How dare they? It felt so incredibly stupid and unfair. Especially considering he was such a law-abiding citizen. He despised those who didn't follow rules. They couldn't possibly mean that he was one of them? Yet this is exactly what the email was saying: "We can inform you that you unfortunately have used the wrong licence plate in the app, which is why you have been given a fine. In this case the fine is issued on AB12345, while parking was activated for AB1234 in the app.". Filled with rage, he locked his phone and shoved it back into his pocket. He missed one bloody number!