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6 min read – Functional

Fable Remoting

4 min read – The Cloud

Cloud Janitors

Cloud environments quickly grow in size. There’s tons of services and we start utilizing SaaS solutions for different problems. Solving problems through infrastructure and SaaS is after all one of the main reasons we're in the cloud in the first place.

3 min read – JavaScript

Clean Code™ in JavaScript with TypeScript and Automatic Type Generation

Even today, many people shy away from JavaScript because it is seen as unreliable or unpredictable. Without strong typing and compiling, unexpected problems can arise at runtime that nobody will see until it gets uncovered as an error in a production environment.

3 min read – Kotlin

String templates

4 min read – Security

Handy tips for staying secure on the go

We wrote about "Safe travels for the road warrior" last year. This year we offer one more trick, and expand our list for staying safe and secure on the road. Watch out for shoulder surfers, and protect your equipment if you have to leave it in for example your hotel room.

20 min listen – Innovation

Beskytt verdiene du skaper! Hva er IPR?

8 min read – Strategy

Hvorfor er riktig problemdefinisjon viktig for nyskaping?

Du har kanskje hørt ordtaket «Love the problem, not the solution»?

10 min read – UX

What I Learned About UX Writing From a British Prog Drummer and David Lynch

There are so many brilliantly written articles about UX Writing out there so I decided to take a look at it from a more personal point of view.

6 min read – React

React Testing Library

Do you feel compelled to manually test your React frontend after each deploy, because it’s not tested as well as your backend? Or perhaps you already have frontend tests, but you feel that they only serve as a hindrance, slowing down your development speed? Perhaps it’s time to give frontend testing another go, with the React Testing Library!

2 min read – Elm

Climbing trees

Custom types are powerful data structures that might seem somewhat complicated to work with, at least if they are nested. Let's take a look at how we can deal with nested custom types in a simple way! 🍊

5 min read – Talks

Textless Presentations

When creating a presentation it's good to have your own style, adding your own touch. Over the years creating different presentations for conferences or for a demo, I have developed my own approach when creating the slides. I want to present it for you, and I hope you like it!