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2 min read – Elm

Unpacking Records

Records in Elm are quite like JavaScript objects. In ES6, destructuring objects can produce compact and concise code. This article explores some techniques that Elm offers to the same effect.

3 min read – Kotlin

Kotlin changelog

The year 2020 has certainly been a special one, but that hasn't stopped Jetbrains from continuing its work on the Kotlin language and its ecosystem. In March we got the 1.3.70 version, an incremental release, which included some new functions and classes in the standard library. And after the summer break we got the all new 1.4.0 version, a feature release, which came with some really sought after changes to the language and even more changes to the standard library.

2 min read – Talks

How to cope with stage fright

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin’ // Eminem, “Lose yourself”

6 min read – UX

Five things we wish we knew about working as a UX designer before we started

We thought we were ready. We finished our degrees, had done quite a few design projects, and read books about UX. Little did we know that there are many aspects of being a UX designer that our degrees did not prepare us for. As we now approach our four-month mark working at Bekk, we have reflected on five aspects of working as UX designers we wish we had known about before starting. Maybe they can help you as an aspiring designer?

5 min read – JavaScript

The Three Ways of Fetching

I'm part of a group that holds introductory courses on web development for students and new employees in Bekk. In the course we say that there are three ways to retrieve data in JavaScript, but we only explain one of the methods. Now, let's see how each of them works: callbacks, promises and async / await.

4 min read – Strategy

Hæ, maskinlæring nyttig for strategi?

Maskinlæring er ikke lenger bare en hype, men i ferd med å bli etablert, velprøvd og kraftig teknologi som utnytter potensialet i store datamengder.

9 min read – React

War stories: The move from Flow to TypeScript

8 developers, 1240 files, 102 665 lines of code. This is the story of how we translated our entire codebase from Flow to TypeScript and lived to tell the tale.

18 min listen – Innovation

Hvordan har Storebrand rigget seg for innovasjon?

4 min read – The Cloud

Statens Datasentral 2.0

NSM er bekymret for den samlede nasjonale avhengigheten av utenlandske skytjenesteleverandører. De mener Norge bør vurdere å etablere en offentlig sky på norsk jord, for å sikre nasjonal kontroll. Er dette en god idé?

4 min read – Security

Github Security: Getting started with Dependabot

Integrating security as a part of application development is desirable, but it's often forgotten or dismissed in practice. Dependabot is a Github feature that will help you keep all your dependencies invulnerable and up-to-date, and you can enable it in just a few clicks!

4 min read – Functional

Characteristics of the Perfect Programming Language

This is an opinionated post. Consider yourself warned. You will probably disagree with at least some of it, and that is completely fine. The important part is the thought process – don’t just read through it and agree or disagree, think about what you agree or disagree with and why. Becoming aware of these things is valuable: once you become aware of why you dislike something, you can start doing something about it.