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4 min read – The Cloud

Creating preview environments using Kubernetes external-dns

With the age of continuous delivery sometimes comes the need for creating multiple short-lived test environments. There a many ways one could achieve this, but in this blog post I'll use Kubernetes external-dns. The basic idea is to create one test environment per code branch, and create what I like to call preview environments which use the git-commit SHA as part of the hostname where the app will be hosted. OK, let's get started!

1 min read – Functional

What is Functional Programming?

Welcome to another year of the functional programming advent calendar! Every day until December 24th you will get an article, video or other functional programming related content that hopefully will make the waiting feel a bit shorter! 😄

8 min read – React

Seven Interesting Things About React Native

React Native is a React framework developed by Facebook to write code for mobile applications. In this article I will share some things I found interesting over the years working with this technology.

2 min read – Talks

Why spend time teaching others?

5 min read – Security

Welcome to the Security Christmas Calendar!

We are really excited to present this year's calendar, and hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Security as a topic is hotter than ever. While we count down the days until Christmas Eve you will be given new, original security content each day. Enjoy the countdown together with us!

6 min read – Strategy

Hvorfor gir ikke julenissen kontanter?

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

5 min read – UX

A UX calendar to ease the wait for Christmas Eve!

Welcome to this year's UX advent calendar! Last year was the premier for and this year we are doing it again. 24 days, 24 articles. Windows of inspiration, facts, a little insight into our world, and other things that we have worked with during this strange year of 2020. Herman is going to tell you a little about Figma. Citona and Sigurd share 5 things they wish they knew about working as a UX designer before they started, and Espen is writing about inspiration.

2 min read – Elm

Once, twice, three times a value

Welcome to the Elm christmas calendar, and to the first of 24 articles that will teach you some tricks and useful concepts you might not already know. Today we are discussing Tuples. It is perhaps Elm's simplest way of structuring data. We also introduce a concept recurring across several days; pattern matching, or destructuring. The first use-case is pattern matching of tuples in function declarations.

4 min read – JavaScript

Javascript Addition

JavaScript:Do you know addition? Me:Of course! I learned mathematics when I was seven, addition is fairly easy! JavaScript:Do you really know addition? Please solve this equation Me:Eh? JavaScript:Welcome to JavaScript addition!

8 min listen – Innovation

Hva er innovasjon?

Alle snakker om innovasjon, men hva er det egentlig? Finnes det noen gode definisjoner som dekker et så sammensatt område? Vi har stilt spørsmålet til mange flinke folk som har ulike tilnærminger og prøver oss på en oppsummering. Med Moquan Chen, Pia Solheim, Jens Andreas Huseby - og mange flinke folk. Julekalenderen 2020 om innovasjon kan du følge på podcasten Drypp fra Bekk.

3 min read – Kotlin


Welcome to the second year of the Bekk’s Kotlin advent calendar. If you followed us last year welcome back, and if you’re new this year you’re in for a treat. Each day leading up to Christmas Eve there will be a new post about Kotlin features, tooling, the Kotlin ecosystem and more!