Merry Christmas

As you open the final post of this year's security.christmas, we logout of our social media accounts, shut down Slack (or mute it for a while at least) and put away our thin foil hats.

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December 24, 2019

The last weeks have been hectic for everyone involved here at the Bekk Christmas Calendar Machine. The topics we have covered reflect some of the things we have been working this year and technologies we would like to spend more time learning about. We have had fun looking at alternatives to usernames and password, which there are several viable solutions to. But only time will tell which technology will, if any, be the industry standard.

Like we said last year, please spread the knowledge of security, and without sounding too touched by the holiday spirit, make it a better place. Maybe you should do like many of us in Bekk, spend the last days of the year planning how you can improve your own, and co-worker’s, awareness of the threats systems we work on face.

Gather the people that seems to care about security, and plan some company or team event. We have hosted several Capture The Flag events this year, which has been really fun, both for the organizers and the participants. But it can also be as easy as finding some videos from security conferences you can watch together and discuss if and how the topics are relevant for your team or organization.

But more importantly, use the quiet days a head of the the new year, to take a well-deserved time with your loved ones, and rest assured, the security challenges will be waiting for you on the other side of Christmas.

We hope to hear what you think about this year’s effort, if not, we look forward to presenting next year’s calendar. With hopes of a peaceful celebration, the security team at Bekk.