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5 min readJavaScript

Four Exciting Web Proposals

The JavaScript Advent Calendar is coming to an end. For each day in December, we've written an article on a subject that matters to us. If you want to keep learning about the language and the web itself, here's four exciting web proposals you might want to play with during the holidays!

19 min listenInnovation

Historien om Bekk sin fødsel. Hva snakket vi om for 20 år siden?

Hva snakket vi om for 20 år siden? Hva fikk oss til å snakke om det og starte Bekk? Har det skjedd noe ila. de siste 20 årene og hvordan ser de neste 20 ut? Dagens kaffepratere er Olav Folkestad, Reidar Sande, Harald Krogh, Pia Solheim og Moquan Chen.

4 min readFunctional

Merry Functional Christmas

3 min readCSS

Implement typography how the designer wants it

2 min readSecurity

Merry Christmas

As you open the final post of this year's security.christmas, we logout of our social media accounts, shut down Slack (or mute it for a while at least) and put away our thin foil hats.

7 min readReact

What are the React Team Principles?

1 min readOpen Source

Have a merry open source Christmas!

And here we are, it's Christmas! We hope you've enjoyed reading Bekk's Open source advent calendar this December.

18 min readUX

The importance of delightful UX

People love delightful digital experiences. It can make the dullest of tasks — an exciting experience. Like filling in forms and paying for groceries. So why aren't every digital experience delightful?

2 min readThe Cloud

Happy, Cloudy Holidays!

7 min readMachine Learning

The 8th Christmas cookie

4 min readJava

@Transactional demystified

2 min readKotlin

Happy holidays and thanks for this year!

It's the 24th of December and a visit from Santa is right around the corner. The reindeer are eager and his sleigh is ready. He has determined who is naughty and who is nice.