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3 min read – UX

Oh... So you’re still using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Awkward...

Psychologists have moved on to a new model, and it’s all about fundamental motives.

12 min listen – Innovation

Smidig organisering, del 1: Kundeorientering og hvorfor har ingen laget en vaskemaskinstol?

Dette er del 1 av 6 kaffeprater om Smidig organisering. Vi er innom ekte kundeorientering, raske læringssykluser, og stiller spørsmålet om hvorfor ingen har laget en vaskemaskinstol enda. Altså en kombinasjon av en vaskemaskin og stol.

2 min read – Open Source

Patching your node_modules

When using open source code you might encounter bugs in this code. Since it's open source, you can find the faulty code and the fix it yourself. The right thing to do next is of course to submit an issue and/or a pull request on the project. But what if the project maintainers don't answer you, the project is deprecated or if the fix is planned, but not due for quite a while? In this article I’ll teach you the strategy of patching dependencies in node_modules by using patch files.

3 min read – Kotlin

'Twas the night before KotlinConf

Tomorrow the festivities, that are KotlinConf 2019, are upon us. And in that spirit we take time to look back at last years conference and some of the informative, inspiring and fun talks we witnessed in Amsterdam.

2 min read – Java

Never use toString() for behaviour

Every object in Java has a toString() method which can be called to get a String-representation of any object at hand. If left unoverridden, it only yields a description of its class and hash code, and not really useful for much.

3 min read – CSS

Oops! I Grid it again

It’s been six months since I’ve been introduced to CSS Grid and I just can't stop sharing how useful it is! It’s amazing when you’re in the need of a responsive layout!

2 min read – The Cloud

Getting started with GitHub Actions

This November, GitHub Actions moved to General Availability making another mark of GitHubs push towards eating more of the CI/CD ecosystem. In this article I'll show you how you can start testing your code directly in GitHub.

2 min read – Security

CSP - done right

Okey, so you want to secure your app with a CSP-policy. Great! But where to start and what to do if some parts of your app is out of your control?

4 min read – JavaScript

Audit your app

Do you wake up at night fearing your app's dependencies might have scary vulnerabilities?

5 min read – Functional

Minesweeper in Elm

5 min read – React

Oh, the Suspense!

The American dictionary states that suspense means a feeling of excitement while waiting for something uncertain to happen. So, let’s get excited and learn about React.Suspense and how this helps us wait for something uncertain!

5 min read – Machine Learning

It’s the economy, stupid!

Up until now we have learnt what machine learning is and looked at some initial examples. But before we move on with more details of how to do machine learning we must first talk about why. In this blog post we‘ll present a high-level overview of practical application before diving into a real-life example from our work at the Center for Service Innovation (CSI) in Norway. The basic concept? It‘s all about business value!