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13 min listen – Innovation

Hva skjedde på fagdagen?

Det var en mystisk stand på sommer-fagdagen som tilsynelatende ønsket å A/B-teste en ny ansattliste-app... Men hva var det egentlig som ble testet? Vi snakker litt om hypotesetesting, design av eksperimenter og er så vidt innom signifikans.

4 min read – React

Get started with animations in React

Have you never been able to make that menu appear in the awesome way you've always wanted? Perhaps you've got lots of experience making things move with CSS animations, but you want to learn how (or if) a modern animations library could make your life easier? Or perhaps you just want to have fun and see how easy it is to animate elements in React using Framer Motion? Then read on! This article won't give you all the answers, but hopefully it will help you getting started.

4 min read – CSS

Stroke it and Dash it – A stroke-dasharray Christmas Tale

1 min read – Kotlin

If Not Now, When?

This article will give you a brief introduction to the Kotlin when expression and how to use it.

5 min read – Security

Bug Bounty - The modern treasure hunt

So, you would like to be one of the cool security researchers that find vulnerabilities in the most used websites in the world, saving millions from the bad guys, and maybe make some cash along the way? Well, this is your lucky day! It's time to learn about bug bounties!

3 min read – Java

Tips and tools for running Java apps in a container

These days everything can run in a container. It may be databases, continuous integration systems, esoteric hobby projects and even Windows. In this article I’ll shine a light on various tips and tools that might be helpful when packaging Java based applications for running in containers.

2 min read – Open Source

Automatic deploy (chatops) with @Rultor

The discussion of an automatic release was started many years ago, and there are several options for how to do this (none mentioned, none forgotten). Then I came across @Rultor by accident on Twitter.

3 min read – UX

Why development teams should talk about identity.

A brand, or identity, is all about the feeling you get when you encounter a product. Identity designers work with logos, packaging, advertisements and more to form a desired feeling in the hearts of a brand's customers. So then why am I, a UX-designer working on IT projects, writing an article about identity design? Aren't these two separate fields?

4 min read – Machine Learning

Linear Models

There are many different types of machine learning models. Linear models are some of the simplest, but also some of the most widely used. In this post we’ll explain what a linear model is and why linear models are so popular.

6 min read – The Cloud

Need to handle NEARLY static content? Lambda@Edge to the rescue

The Problem You’ve got your SPA, consisting of static CSS, HTML and JS, and high-performing microservices to provide the dynamic behavior of your app. The only thing remaining is hosting the static content somewhere, point a DNS to it, and call it a day. However, it turns out that your app needs a top menu, which is shared between all the apps in the organization, to provide a common look-and-feel and navigation. All of a sudden you’re pushed into the world of content transclusion, now loosely referred to as micro frontends

5 min read – Functional

Immutable by default

You should always strive to make, and make use of, immutable data structures. Even if your domain is inherently mutable (like most domains, really), there are quite a few pitfalls that can give you headaches later on if you also use mutable data structures. Many of them are avoidable simply by making it harder to accidentally modify data.

2 min read – JavaScript

Removing duplicates from an array

Knowing more than one way to solve a given problem can help you write more readable code. Let's look at three different ways to remove duplicates elements from an array.