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2 min read – Sanity

Make your own input components in Sanity!

One of the best things about Sanity is the balance between flexibility and default features. They deliver a great product out of the box, but to unleash the full potential of Sanity, you should spend some time customizing it to make it even better. In this article, I will show you how to create a simple custom input component that provides a visual representation of icons, enhancing your studio experience.

6 min read – Sanity

Creating the map of your Sanity Studio

"I couldn't find a funny quote about navigating structured content." - Kristoffer Æsøy (2023)

3 min read – SEO, Remix, Sanity

Help Google Help You - Dynamic Sitemaps with Remix and Sanity

This guide outlines the steps needed to inform Google of each new page in your Sanity CMS and dynamically boost your site's visibility and ranking in the search results.