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2 min read – Meta

Welcome back to Bekk Christmas

'Tis the season to be learning

4 min read – Meta

4 Ways to Prank Your Developer Colleagues 🤠

Your true love might desire four calling birds for Christmas, but your colleagues do not have the same opportunity to raise their wishes. I suggest 4 pranks!

9 min read – Meta

No, this meeting couldn't have been an email – and we're all to blame

Another meeting where everyone feels like this is a waste of their time. Why could we not just have done this over email? Do we have to get everyone into a room (or even worse, a zoom room) to figure out whether or not to start on this task next week?

3 min read – Meta

Welcome to a brand new Bekk Christmas

Bekk Christmas is the culmination of decades of iterating on sharing culture. Let's dive into what this is, and how it came to be.

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