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Awaken your inner curiosity!

What if you just asked that one little question that could change everything? Think about those moments when a child's endless 'why' makes us pause and reflect. It is this childlike, boundless curiosity that has propelled humanity forward. Our innate curiosity, often subdued in adulthood, is a key to learning, innovation, and personal growth. Let's explore how we can reawaken and get a little closer to this vital trait.

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By Irnis Besirovic


December 24, 2023

In a life characterized by routines and set patterns, there is something special waiting to be discovered: your own curiosity. When we were younger, we were often more curious than we are now. It is common to hear children ask 'why' more often than adults. A child's ability to wonder about everything, ask questions, and delve into topics both appropriately and inappropriately illustrates their natural curiosity. As we develop, we acquire more knowledge and skills, and thus may start to take things for granted. This can lead to a reduction in our curiosity in certain areas. However, it's not necessarily that curiosity diminishes with age, but rather its nature and focus may change. Many people continue to explore, learn, and grow in new and exciting ways throughout their lives.

It is important that we balance what we take for granted with what we don't in terms of knowledge. But have you considered how important curiosity is for learning? Being curious is a strong motivational force for learning something new. It's time we reawaken our curiosity and dare to step outside our comfort zone.

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."

-Albert Einstein

Exploring the Impact of Curiosity

It is well-known that curiosity is often considered a crucial factor for success in the business world. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, pointed out that Google is built on questions, not answers. Although the importance of curiosity is recognized, it appears that many companies struggle to foster curiosity among their employees.

Curiosity evolves and changes through different phases of life. While children often show boundless curiosity and engage in a wide range without fixed limits, adults' curiosity becomes more targeted and focused. Adults often concentrate on specific areas related to their careers, personal interests, or practical needs. This reflects the adaptations we make based on our limited time and energy.

In our daily lives, we build up experience and knowledge that often lead to automatic choices, like the autopilot mode we engage in when going home from work. Society and the people we interact with shape our perception of what is 'normal'. We often mirror the people we are with, which can lead us to take things for granted, and this in turn can dampen our curiosity. The increased experience and knowledge can lead to adults asking fewer questions about familiar subjects. However, this increased knowledge can also lead to deeper and more sophisticated forms of curiosity. At the same time, this knowledge can prevent us from exploring beyond what we already know, which can reduce our curiosity. Nevertheless, in a constantly changing world, it is important to continue exploring these subjects.

Be a bit more curious in life

To reawaken your inner curiosity, it is important to ask more questions and not take everything for granted. Curiosity challenges us to think differently and learn more. It is not only the key to personal growth but also to innovation and understanding in the business world. Here are some key factors to enhance your curiosity:

  • Ask questions.
  • Explore and discover with others.
  • Reflect with others.
  • Be open to answers you haven't considered.
  • Be willing to change direction as you go along.

Take your curiosity everywhere

The next time you face a problem, I encourage you to awaken your inner curiosity. Ask more questions and challenge the obvious. Whether you are at work and encounter something you don’t understand, or you are at home facing a problem, like something breaking down, try to fix it yourself. The worst that can happen is that you achieve what you desire, or the situation remains unchanged. However, more often than not, your curiosity will be rewarded with new knowledge, bringing you a step closer to your goals, or helping you achieve what you wish for. Curiosity is the key to growth and discovery.

So, be a bit more curious ❤️