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3 min read – CSS

:has() is here and you probably need it in your CSS

So, you've heard talk of a so-called :has() selector, but don't really know what it is. Or maybe you just clicked the article hoping to learn something new. Well, this article is for you! Now that :has() is supported by almost all major browsers (except Firefox where you need a feature flag …), it is time to learn what it is, why you should care and how you use it.

7 min read – Development

Demystifying data pipelines with Apache Beam

The data engineering toolbox is growing as the industry adapts to increasing data. We need tools to process data to unlock its value efficiently. One such tool is Apache Beam. This article aims to introduce key Apache Beam concepts and provide an example of implementing a data pipeline.

4 min read – UX, Design, Methodology

Let's kill the prototype

Ragnhild thinks we should put detailed prototypes to rest, and rather get our designs out to the public faster.

6 min read – Security

Sikkerhetskultur spiser policy til frokost!

En god sikkerhetskultur er verdt en bunke med policies og litt til.

3 min read – Design

Design tip of the day

From Neopets to hypothesis-driven development, the challenges of working with data to the power of humor – Sonja talks about her work as a UX designer with SpareBank 1.