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Today's posts

2 min read – Meta

Welcome back to Bekk Christmas

'Tis the season to be learning

7 min read – UX, Design

Økonomi + skam = </3

3 min read – Open Source

What do you do when your favourite open source project removes a feature you use?

TLDR; There is no right answer

2 min read – Accessibility, UX

Visual redundancy

Create more efficient and accessible interfaces by adding visual redundancy to your UI components!

15 min read – Functional, Development

Introduction to Rust

Why has Rust been voted the most beloved programming language – seven years in a row, ever since it got released? What’s the hype about? Read along to get a glimpse of Rust, without having to read boring documentation. We’ll introduce Rust, bit-by-bit, by writing a simple CLI program that parses a list of HTTP requests and executes them.

2 min read – UX, Design

Dagens Designtips

Dagens designtips er en artikkelserie hvor forskjellige designere fra Bekk snakker om jobben de gjør, hvilke utfordringer de møter på, og kanskje kommer med et lite tips.