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8 min read – Security

Penetration Testing 101

Penetration testing is a popular topic within the security field. And being a penetration tester can be really fun since you get to act like an attacker without actually being bad. In this article, we want to give you a brief introduction of what penetration testing is, what to look for when starting out and some tips on how you can learn more.

6 min read – The Cloud

The evolution of how we host our applications

How did the container become so ubiquitous in application hosting? Most people know that they're used to run an application, but can't a virtual machine also do that? Why did we ever move away from hosting our applications on a physical server ourselves? Let's explore how we have previously hosted our applications, and why we transcended into containerised software!

4 min read – Soft skills, Personal Development

Are you the bad apple?

When was the last time you evaluated how your mood, a given day, affected your fellow team members? When was the last time you started doubting yourself because someone on your team had a sloppy, yet negative comment about you? Regardless of how competent and skilled your team members are, there is still a chance that only a single person could destroy the productivity of the group - or "spoil the barrel". This article is about some types of people you might work with, that drive the entire group nuts, and the power of individuals to destroy the team dynamics.

7 min listen – Soft skills

Brannfakkel - Er utviklere ikke kreative? (Del 2 av 6)

Drypp er en lavterskel podcast fra Bekk. En liten gjeng samlet inn heftige påstander og inviterte til Drypp-innspillingskveld på Trondheimskontoret - med julebrus, godis og god stemning. Resultatet ble seks episoder med brannfakler. God lytt.

9 min read – Meta

No, this meeting couldn't have been an email – and we're all to blame

Another meeting where everyone feels like this is a waste of their time. Why could we not just have done this over email? Do we have to get everyone into a room (or even worse, a zoom room) to figure out whether or not to start on this task next week?